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Shoujo 勝女

ラ - (Kyla)

A 23 year old "shoujo" who loves anything Kawaii (cute) and considers herself as an artist by heart. Desperate photographer and a creative video editor/animator. Wishes to travel the world, and see beyond her current walls. A big fan of Hello! Project, addicted to Anime, and loves to relax while doing online shopping. A cover artist in Youtube and Soundcloud, focuses on Jpop, Anime, and Vocaloid songs.

A kawaii lifestyle blogger under training, is the ninja of Kawaii Philippines, and is currently in love~ PR Specialist and Blogger in Kawaii PH, intern at Candy Kawaii Lover, and owner of MD!

What do I like? :

 photo 3669355.gif  Anything Kawaii
 photo 3669355.gif  Anime and Manga (Shoujo, Romance, Comedy, Musical, shounen, YAOI)
 photo 3669355.gif  Listening to Music (Jpop, anime, and vocaloid)
 photo 3669355.gif  Blogging!!
 photo 3669355.gif  Playing 3DS 
 photo 3669355.gif  Online Shopping~
 photo 3669355.gif  Recording Songs for new covers!
 photo 3669355.gif  Taking pictures!
 photo 3669355.gif  Anything sweet, salty, and SPICY!
 photo 3669355.gif  Collecting kawaii toys!
 photo 3669355.gif  Spending time with either my family, friends, or boyfriend!~ <3

History of Marotesque

Marotesque is a word that my favorite J-POP Idol invented! And she’s Fukuda Kanon of S/mileage, which as been recently renamed as ANGERME (anjurumu)and her nickname is Maro~ The reason why I also decided to borrow the word is because I also have my own definition of Marotesque, Maro is short for “Marshmallow”, because unlike other girls, I have what the Japanese people call, a Marshmallow Body, because girls are “ideally” skinny but in my case, I’m fluffy lol thus the term Marshmallow or Maro, “esque” is sort of like pertaining to a certain feature which could be the face, body, etc. That’s why I thought that the Marotesque word is perfect for my blog, (of course I won’t claim it and use Maro as a nickname) but Maro can also be a japanese version of my nickname “MILO”.

Aside from the fact that the word is invented by my j-idol, it fits me perfectly as well, thus the use of Marotesque~ of course in Kawaii PH I’ll still be the Kawaii Ninja

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