life update : hello 2020

by - 3/22/2020

well henlow!

It's been a looong while my friends! I did not really mean to neglect my blog, but I just focused on my YouTube channel in the time I was gone (which apparently, was 8 months ago lol) but yes! I missed my blog and I missed writing about my daily life, what I've been up to, and all that~ in case you didn't know, I renewed my working VISA in Japan, so instead of just 1 year, I extended again! ohohoho! Anyway, this post is more of an update post, just to let everyone know I'm still alive and kinkin' 

I do have A LOT and I mean A LOT of queued  posts to share! (Osaka trip 2, Summer Sonic, Fireworks Festival, Tokyo Trip, and so much more!) I do plan on posting those backlogs just so I can also share my photos with everyone!

But just an FYI, yes... I'm actually more active on my Youtube channel (I post vlogs hehe), so all those backlogs that I didn't share in this blog, they're all on my YouTube channel! so go check that out!

I plan on revamping this blog as well, hopefully I'll find the time to do it =3= I'm  too busy... playing Animal Crossing! ohohoho! I will do a blog post on it as well!

but yes, just here to let you know... I'M ALIVE!

I know things have been rough these past 3 months, I mean 2020 just started and we've been bombarded with terrifying bush fires, possible WWIII scares, multiple volcanic eruptions, locusts swarms, and of course let's not forget the pandemic that's scaring the world as it is. 

I hope this pandemic comes to and end soon, and I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy, wherever you are...

Let's just continue and try to become the  sunshine the world needs right now, and lets all help each other get through these tough times!

Will be back soon!

Dyan and Marianne says hi! we're all doing good!

These are super recent pics by the way, just so you don't get confused with the backlogs I'll be uploading lol these were taken last saturday (March 21, 2020) when we watched Wotakoi drama in cinemas!


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