Animal Crossing New Horizons - House Tour!

by - 3/29/2020

henlow everyone! Welcome back to another blog! This is a little different compared to my usual blog posts, but! I am happy to do my current Animal Crossing New Horizons House Tour! (and a bit of my island as well lol) I've been playing Animal Crossing since the DS era so having them release the New Horizons on Switch is just.... yeah... this just made me super happy!  I noticed that Animal Crossing New Horizons is pretty much in  craze now, even people who never played Animal Crossing games started playing this one mainly because of the Quarantine and lock downs all over the world, so I think they released this game in good timing, more friends to play with! Super happy!

Anyway! Let's start with the tour!

This is my house! (my boyfriend visited my island lol) I just went with the simple black roof and just added a few flowers on the side to add a little bit of homey feel to it! And of course I have a dog house lol

Before touring you guys inside the house, just wanted to share the area near my home! My island's fruit is actually pears, but I'm able to plant the rest of the fruits, apples, oranges, cherries, and peaches, and of course coconuts!

My island's name is lilycove by the way, based on a city from the Pokemon games (Ruby and Sapphire)

Moving on to my house tour!

This is the living room! I seriously could not decide on what theme to go with, I wanted to go for a Kawaii, Pink magical girl theme, or BL theme, Pokemon Theme, Anime/Otaku themed house, I had a hard to deciding, so I just went for a simple and plain aesthetic home lol

I have pets as mentioned earlier lol I have a dog house outside, a cat tower, hamster, and fish tank in the living room. I have a few instruments as well, and adding plants in the house really adds a relaxing vibe to it!

Next room...

My favourite room inside the house... my Kitchen! I'm still missing like the real cooking station/burners, so I just set it up like this for the meantime lol

But! my bathroom is actually funnier because...

There's an onsen inside my bathroom haha! I don't have a bathtub yet, or like a shower area, so I just made this into like a jacuzzi for now haha!

I have a few items like the towel rack, bathroom sink, toilet, and just added a few things to make it look a little less empty!

And last but not the least... my bedroom!
Again, couldn't decide on a single theme, so I just went for that classic wood/white/cream/warm color aesthetic. I'm still planning on upgrading the look of my house/interior of my room, but for now, I am pretty happy with how I was able to build this!

But! If you want to see the place/my island... I actually made a video as well for my youtube channel!

Feel free to watch this video as well in case you guys want to see!
I know this is a tough time for everyone, this pandemic is hitting everyone hard, I can only pray for everyone to be safe and healthy! I know the circumstances differ depending on where you are from, but hopefully you all are properly taken care off by your country...
Keep safe everyone and thanks so much for reading!

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