Photo Diary: Kansai Adventures Day 2

by - 7/25/2019

Last 2019年6月27日~29日, Dyan, Marianne, and I went to Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara! It was our first trip together outside of the Shimane Prefecture, and it was a blast! We really enjoyed it, and honestly, we didn't want to go back to Shimane (lol)

On our 2nd day, we stayed within the area of Osaka and even though that was the case, I think this was our busiest day lol 
Our first stop was Amemura (American Village) because we wanted to take photos around the area, this was pretty close to Dotonbhori (where our hostel was located), so we just walked from there and went to pretty much a lot of stop overs! 

Of course we had to take a bunch of OOTD shots lol 

While we were on our way to Amemura, we stopped by Suiyoubi no Alice (Alice on Wednesday), and bought a couple of cute accessories! 

I don't have pictures of the accessories section of the shop, but I vlogged the entire day, so that is included in the video, I will be including the link later on for our Day 2 vlog lol

After walking around for a bit, we were talking about how we were craving for Tapioca Milk Tea, and we came across a store lol

CRAVINGS SATISFIED! lol Marianne's drink poured over her twice though haha!

After walking around, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant, then went to the train station to visit the Osaka Aquarium which was our first stop for the day! (well first official stop), and of course we had to take pictures as usual lol

This is part of the Aquarium, the wall design was amazing!

The adult ticket price was 2,300 JPY each, so that's roughly around 1,150 PHP, which is completely WORTH IT!

We had to... we just had to... we were pretty much professionals at making a fool of ourselves haha! 

I didn't take that much photos inside since I was too busy recording for the vlog, so if you want to see more, just check out the vlog hihi (link below)

It was amazing! that was definitely an unforgettable experience, and it was worth every penny! it was breathtakingly beautiful! 

After the tour, we decided to take pictures by the beautiful wall, and since we had no one else to take our photos for us... we placed the camera on the floor, set it up with an umbrella behind it, and just turned on the timer and voila! lol

After the Osaka Aquarium, our next stop was Osaka Castle... so we were pretty pumped about that!

Look at that beauty! It was actually also the same weekend as the G20 Summit 2019, and I guess you pretty much know what I'm about to say... yes... we weren't able to visit the inside of the Osaka Castle because the G20 Summit was held there, on that same day... so I guess our luck was pretty bad at that part... so we just took a picture from the outside! ;A;

It was getting pretty late, so we decided to head back, but along the way, they went along with my request which was... TO VISIT THE POKEMON CENTER IN UMEDA OSAKA!

I was seriously in heaven... this is my home... this is my space... this is.. me! lol
I've been a fan of the nintendo games since Gameboy Color up to 3DS (and pretty soon the pokemon game series will be coming to SWITCH), I also played and collected the Pokemon cards, I loved the Anime series, from Indigo up to Sun and Moon... basically, I'm a Pokemon addict!

My day was complete haha!

Even at night, Osaka is really bright and lively, the complete opposite of Shimane-prefecture Izumo City haha! I took pictures of Dyan and Marianne while walking, I feel pretty good since the shots were pretty! ohohoho!

And that's how our day pretty much went!

As I mentioned earlier, I vlogged the entire Kansai Adventure experience!
so if you want to watch the Kansai vlog series, here's the link to Day 2!

I hope you had fun reading, and will watch the vlog!

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