๐ŸŒธ Sakura Hanami ๐ŸŒธ

by - 4/07/2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year here in Japan, it's Sakura season! The time of the year where the beautiful, pink blossoms bloom all over the country! To be honest, it bloomed a little late here in Izumo City, because it almost always rains here, like 2~3 times a week... this city is pretty cloudy and gloomy, so while the Sakura's were in full bloom in Tokyo, they're not yet fully bloomed here... but the time has come for them to show off their beauty!

It's a dream come true! Finally able to check this off my bucket list! Last 2019ๅนด๏ผ”ๆœˆ5ๆ—ฅ we went to Kisuki, which is about almost an hour train ride away from the main city, but again, it was worth it! We went on a Friday morning, so it started off with a few people, when we were about to leave, it was around 1:30 in the afternoon, it was swarming with people, so we were happy we went in the morning, and a friday lol imagine the amount of people on a saturday/sunday?

It was also a really beautiful day for a picnic so we packed lunch! I was happy they prepared Filipino food like Pancit, the famous Chicken Lollipop (remembering kids parties lol), and really nice sandwiches, which is not really filipino but.. you know.. haha!

There were also food stalls there, it felt like a festival, but! they were pretty pricey lol but the Taiyaki was only 120 JPY, and it came in 3 fillings, the usual Azuki filling, Choco, and custard! I got the custard one!

The view was gorgeous! I am just literally spamming you guys with photos... but of course I wont be able to include all the photos in this post, but yeah.. haha!

Besides the Sakura's, they also had a part where there were other flowers as well!

This was giving me the "Violeta" vibes... playing that song in my head right now,... (Wizone's where you at!? lol)

It was a a really tiring, but fun day! I feel so fulfilled because I was finally able to witness the beauty of Sakura's...

(and it's also my birthday month hehe)

But I hope you guys had fun looking through the photos, and my selfies apparently, and will see you guys in my next post!

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  1. sugoi! mecha kirei!

  2. wow I didnt know ur in japan na pala, good for u! will u post a blog post about how u got 2 japan? would love to give it a read.

    1. yes! since Feb of this year~ yeah, some people are requesting it as well :3 I will try to make a blog post about it~