Pre-Birthday Celebration 2019

by - 4/29/2019

This is my first time celebrating my birthday away from home, family, boyfriend, friends... and my first time celebrating it in Japan! I'm both happy and sad, but, thanks to the people who made my birthday extra special! It was a weekend celebration starting from 2019年4月26, when the Avengers: Endgame premiered here in Japan, I HAD to watch it on the first day it was released, so Dyan accompanied me to watch it, even though she's not really a fan of the MCU films, I think this is the first MCU film she watched, but she enjoyed every bit of it!

Right after work on the 26th, (we still had work then since it was a Friday, Golden Week officially started on the 27th for us, btw my birthday is on the 28th lol)

I bought the amazing endgame pamphlet that's like a book! It was beautifully made, and we received adorable peanut like standees when we entered the cinema! I got Captain America, Dyan got Iron man! IT WAS A LEGENDARY MOVIE. A MASTERPIECE. I CRIED. THE WHOLE TIME. Because I know it was ending... gosh I still have endgame hangover and post endgame depression... but! I enjoyed it very much!

That was the first part of my celebration, the next day, Dyan and I went on another Movie date and watched KINGDOM, a Japanese movie, it was also a really good movie!

This was part of my pre-birthday celebration, we watched KINGDOM 2019年4月27日 in the afternoon, before dinner!

After the movie, Marianne met up with us, and we had dinner at Pepper Lunch! I was so happy they had Pepper Lunch here! it's one of my favorite places to eat in the Philippines, and weirdly enough, I like the Pepper Lunch in the Philippines better than Japan...

One of the things that made me super happy... they SURPRISED ME WITH A BIRTHDAY CAKE! I really was not expecting anything, but that made me so happy!

It was also one of my favorite cakes ever, Strawberry Shortcake! I loved the cake and it was soooo adorable!

They went to my apartment afterwards, ate the cake, painted our nails, and they waited for 12:00 MN for me! My boyfriend was on the phone waiting for 12:00 with them lol

Even though I am far from home, and I miss my family, I am so happy I got to spend my birthday weekend with these lovely ladies!

But that's not all, actual Birthday Celebration coming up on the next post lol
LINK: Actual Birthday Celebration 2019

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That endgame pamphlet looks amazing! happy to see you enjoyed your birthday!

    1. YES IT IS AMAZING! hihi thank you! I did enjoy it~

  2. ive been reading your posts none stop, its so nice to live in japan!

    1. it is huhu thanks for reading my posts! :3