Japanese Apartment Tour 🎌

4/12/2019 Micaela 2 Comments

One of the things I was most excited with my stay here in Japan is what kind of apartment I would be living in... and so! in this post, I present to you my Apartment tour video! I will be updating this post once I have photos of my apartment, for maybe a more detailed overview of it, but, for now, I'm going to include the apartment tour video in this post, because I might move to a different apartment closer to work.. I will of course update this post and maybe create a new one once I have moved.

But for now, I hope you guys enjoy my 10 min Apartment tour!

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  1. what a kawaii room you have, I love that it is simple, I also love your blog, it made me think of getting back to blogging

    1. micchi?? is that you? omg yes back to blogging! thanks btw haha!~