Izumo Lighthouse and Shimane Winery

by - 4/05/2019


I've been living in Japan for about 2 months now, and the first time I was able to go somewhere outside the Izumo city was just recently... A few fellow Filipino friends took me to the Izumo lighthouse so I can de-stress myself! Being homesick and stressed from work is taking a toll on me so they kindly toured me in a relaxing place! It was a pretty far drive, a filipina friend has been living here for quite some time already so she has her own car and a valid japanese license~ so she took us with her using her car, it was about a 30 min drive, take note, Izumo City has NO TRAFFIC at all! so that was long.. lol

 There were random stalls that seem permanent to the place, and they gave us free tastes of their special Mackerel fish!

The view was gorgeous! It was breathtaking, relaxing, and the wind was so strong, I had a hard time walking, it was a very windy day when we went there, so in all my pictures, my hair looks like a nest haha! I actually took a bunch of photos, but! I did vlog during this trip, so I will be including a video at the end of this blog!

We spent a good 30-40 min walking around, enjoying the view and the wind, afterwards, all that walking made us hungry so! we drove to a nearby Katsu place, and they said that place had the best katsu in town! 

True to their name... IT WAS GOOD! it also wasnt as expensive as I thought it would be, and the serving was pretty hefty!

After stuffing ourselves full, we went to the Shimane Winery!

I did not have much pictures of the inside since I was pretty much recording it the whole time haha! so! to that end, here's the vlog I made for that day! That's it for this post! Please enjoy a more detailed vlog! byebee!

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  1. what a great view! will you be posting a blog about how you got to work in japan? i would love to find out, and hope i can try it out as well :)

    1. Hi rei! I am thinking of posting a blog about it~ I have friends who were also asking me about the process I went through, so I might make a thorough blog about it :3