Birthday Celebration 2019

by - 4/29/2019

2019年4月28日 : Actual Birthday! A lot of things happened during this special day, and I am happy that I was able to enjoy it, despite being sad that I am away from home, but, I completely forgot about how sad I was and I really had fun! First things first, here's the link to my blog post about my Pre-birthday Celebration 2019 lol (so many celebrations lol) : Pre Birthday Celebration 2019

Now let's move on to the actual party! We had a Japanese style Barbecue party!

The meat is lined up so neatly! We went to the house of one of our Japanese colleagues and we celebrated there! They prepared the meat and other food for us!

Once the grill was ready... the first thing they grilled was... STEAK!
(いきなりステキ!? (笑))

Look at that mouthwatering beauty! They added the butter before it was done cooking completely! It was soft AF!

We had soooo many meat, we had veggies, and they even prepared Yakisoba! I was sooo full but it was so good! It was my first time doing a Japanese styled Barbecue party, and it made me realize that they do things differently, and Dyan and Marianne and I were comparing how it would be done in the Philippines, and it just made us laugh lol

The last thing they grilled was....

Another steak! I think they said this was a 800 g steak.. is that the right measurement to use? lol all I know is, this is, HUGE.

I was already too full to eat and finish it, but they were asking, can we still eat dessert? and I was like... THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR DESSERT. and another unexpected thing happened...

They surprised me again with another Strawberry shortcake!! I was soooo surprised and didnt really expect anything, but I was sooo happy! and this cake is just toooo adorable!

Look at that beauty! It's just amazing, and it was really good! It didn't just look good, it tasted heavenly too!

After eating cake, we roasted marshmallows! 

And of course here's a swag shot of me...


After the Barbecue party, we went for Karaoke, then Dyan and Marianne and I went to YouMe Town Mall, and went for Purikura!

I was never the type to like surprises for me, I like them for other people, but I always get emotional and feel like I short circuit when people do nice things for me, but I really enjoyed my 3-day-birthday celebration with these beautiful gals and other workmates who made my day extra special...

It was a fun birthday, and here's hoping for a fun year ahead of me, at least before I go home since I miss my family, boyfriend, and my DOG!

Thank you to everyone who remembered me on my birthday and took the time to greet me in whatever platform it is!

Hope you all have a great day, and Happy Golden Week!

Heisei Era ends in 2 days... lol HELLO REIWA! PLEASE BE KIND!

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  1. Happy birthday to you!

  2. The food looks great! and that cake is so cute! i hope you had a great birthday!