Skin first, Make up second! Glossier.

by - 2/17/2018

Growing up, I was never really the type of girl who was into make up, girly things, or anything "normal" girls are into, I was more of an introvert type, watching Anime at home, never really cared what I looked like, but ever since I started working, I became more conscious of my overall appearance, and started appreciating make up in a different way. Before I thought that make up was there to change your appearance, be someone you're not, and it was just for boys to think you're pretty, but now I've realized that its a different form of art, and its for you and you alone. (still not good at putting on make up tho FYI lol)

I've been wanting to purchase from a brand where their Philosophy is to enhance your current beauty instead of concealing or trying to change something, and that's what GLOSSIER. is all about!
"Skin First, Make up Second" - their products are focused on skin care and how to enhance your natural beauty!

When you go to their website, you'll see that the models are women of color, so it means their products would work on any race/color, and at the same time, you'll find that the models barely have any make up on, if you're into the "No make up" make up look, then this brand is for you! They are all about the dewiness

Be naturally beautiful! As you can see the models in their website are not full glammed when it comes to make up~ feel free to visit their website and purchase!

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With that being said, I did buy stuff for myself!
  • Glossier. Cherry Balm Dot Com

From Glossier Website:
Balm Dotcom

The Cherry Balm Dot Com is a universal Skin salve that you can put anywhere! but since I got the cherry one (one of their newer flavors) this does have a little bit of tint to it, which I prefer since I just want to add color to my lips most of the time~

Cherry Balm Dotcom
(this specific image is from Pinterest)

This retails for about $12 USD (roughly 625 PHP), of course if you buy it here in the PH it would retail to about 980-1100 PHP because of tax and all that, so buying it from the website itself is cheaper~

  • Glossier. Cloud Paint BEAM
From Glossier website:
Cloud Paint

This adorable seamless cheek color is a fan favorite among beauty gurus! it's really sheer, its easy to blend, the color looks really natural and it gives you a "Sun kissed" look, or the "my cheeks only better" look!

There are actually 4 shades to this series:

And I got the BEAM one because I liked the "flushed look" 

Glossier Cloud Paints in Beam, Dusk, Puff and Haze
(this specific image is from

This product retails for $18 USD (about 940 PHP), but again buying it here in the PHP this retails to around 1200 - 1400 PHP depending on where you buy it~

And the last Product I got was;

  • Glossier. Lip Gloss
From Glossier website:
Lip Gloss

I love this lip gloss! it gives you that healthy, plump, full looking lips, and there's no tingly sensation! I'm not into lip glosses because of that warm-feeling, and tingly sensation, and I'm happy that this product does not have that at all! This is a crystal clear gloss with no added tint, but it's glassy, and classy!

This product retails for $14 USD (730 PHP), again locally priced at around 1100-1200 PHP. But I have to tell you guys, the prices are worth it!

They all came in this pretty and well known Pink Bubble Wrap Glossier pouch!

And another thing I'm really happy  about is they also came with stickers!

Overall, I'd rate these products 10/10 because they are really easy to use and you get what you paid for, quality and quantity all in one!

If you've visited their website, you can see that they only ship within the US, Canada and UK, so I had my auntie who lives in the US ship it over to the PH, Tax wise, retail pricing, and of course time wise it is definitely cheaper. My boyfriend paid for these actually, THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3

You can order these locally if you don't mind the pricing being a little higher than how much it is in their website.

You can buy/order these from BEAUTY MNL, or Make Up Authority PH ; these two are the most recommended sites you can try purchasing these from!

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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