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by - 2/11/2018

Hello 2018! Its been a while! I completely forgot to post something about how my 2017 holidays went, maybe I will do a backpost on it! But anyway, Welcome to 2018! Here's to hoping for more blogs to come! And for my first post for 2018, I will be sharing with everybody, especially those who want to buy Anime merchandise from Japan, a new middle-man service to cater to your Otaku needs, and its... OSHAREKO! 

What is Oshareko?
 "We are a boutique initiative selling rare items straight from various subcultures, hand-picked and delivered from Japan.
We specialize in selling doujinshi, character goods, and japanese products that you want—don’t worry if you think it’s obscure, we also buy in Japanese retail stores and online auction sites!
Let’s build together a collectionworthy of your power level. Leave us a message to start!"


Although they can order almost anything Anime related items for you, they mainly focus on Doujinshi, Manga, or hard to find anime march (like event only released merch) that is only sold in Japan! One of the good things about this is, NO JUDGEMENT, whether its BL, or your regular doujins, they won't judge, so no need to be shy about ordering...

1) Fill Order request form - https://goo.gl/forms/dRzElct2QcrmA5zD2
2) Receive confirmation and quote from our staff
3) Pay the invoice within deadline (varies depending on type of product)
4) Orders packed and shipped from Japan
5) Arrive in the Philippines and shipped to your address!

"Doujinshi Sailor Scouts
Need a pick-me-up to empower your ship? Buy fan comics from any fandom and snag new titles fresh from Comiket!
Auction Snipers
We know some things can only bought at auctions so please let us snipe at the last minute!
Kono Subarashii Japanese Goods
Live life wonderfully with amazing merchandise from Japan! We also accept orders for regular goods or items from Amazon JP. Special requests and miscellaneous items go here!
Kore wa Monthly Box?!
Random cute treats monthly payable, allow us to curate surprises in your life!"

  • Over 9000 Delivery (Quick Ship)
    Your power level is over 9000?! Hopefully that isn’t in peso, but if you gotta have it ASAP, then we can expedite shipping. This is a premium shipping option for private orders. Orders can arrive as soon as a week or less!
  • Vegetable Speed Delivery (Normie Ship)
    We have monthly box orders filled by anything under by fellow customers. A サラダ a day keeps the impatience away! We will ship your orders along with fellow customers for the month. Shipping from Japan can take from 3-4 weeks depending on the season. Help our party members by sharing the quest together!

  • Item Price + Oshareko Service Fee + Domestic Fee in Japan (if applicable) + International Ship (+additional Philippine shipment for group orders)
  • Payment Methods:
    Paypal, Unionbank, BPI, BDO

One of the people behind Oshareko! (During BLush Convention 2018)

And there you have it! Another wonderful service to bring you your Otaku needs right by your doorstep! 

Don't forget to like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oshareko 

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