What's in my Givenchy Pandora bag?

by - 7/05/2017

It's been a few weeks since my last post, and I was so busy that I only had 1 post in June! But! hopefully July will be kinder, and for that, my first post for July is my favorite kind of video to watch in Youtube, a What's in my bag post!

I've been using my Givenchy Pandora in the size mini, this is in sheep skin, washed leather, in the midnight blue color, and has gold hardware! As what the name says, it looks like a box, hence the name Pandora's box, it's the smallest size in this style so it doesn't have a handle, only a long strap for your shoulder/crossbody style bag!

Since it's on the sheep skin leather, it looks wrinkled, but that adds to the uniqueness of the bag apart from the shape, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much!

It has two zippers, the bottom zipper is the pocket, and the zipper for the main compartment! I attached a really cute COACH black leather tag with a vintage Mickey Mouse embroidered on it! at the back of that tag it says "Disney x Coach", as an added decoration/character for the bag, I used to be addicted to Pompom's and the Fendi Monster keychain, but I'd like to keep my things more simple now~

Starting with the pocket, I usually keep just a few things on there, like my Car/house keys, and a pack of Wet tissue! I never leave the house without Wet tissue because in the Philippines, a lot of the public restrooms are not super clean... and my keys because... duh! lol

Now on to the main compartment...

I've been recently using small wallets because I find the long wallets really bulky, I asked my mom if I could have her old Louis Vuitton wallet since she hasn't used it in like 2 years I think?? and she said yes! So I'm pretty happy! I just keep my debit/credit cards and cash in the wallet. And on the Kate Spade leather card holder, I keep my office and access ID, my insurance cards, and my Driver's License.

I also keep a gadget pouch where I keep my iPhone cord, earpods, and portable charger! I got the portable charger from MINISO and this is really cheap! but it charges my phone fast and up to 2 times! it's also sleek and light! I use a worn out Kate Spade leather pouch that's also light to carry.

I just use this COACH white sack to put my "refreshments" in lol. I just usually bring my Maybelline light powder, my favorite lip balm BURTS BEES beeswax lipbalm with Vitamin E and Peppermint, my lip and cheek tint from BENEFIT called BENETINT, my perfumes, one is in an automizer (is that what you call it? lol) I got the bottle from DAISO so it's really affordable and it's super light and thin! easy to bring! I'm currently using the JO MALONE English Pear and Freesia, and I also sometimes bring my JUICY COUTURE perfume, not sure what the name of the scent is though, I dont bring it sometimes but this week I'll be bringing it since I'll be going out A LOT, I want to choose which scent I'll use to freshen myself up lol

The inside of the main compartment of the bag also has a zipper pocket, and 2 back pockets, these are the items I usually keep in those pockets, in the zipper pocket I keep my medicine kit and my tissue pack! On the first back pocket, I keep my Perfume Hand Cream Lemon from Artbox, because it's been pretty cold lately, I don't want my hands to dry lol, and the last thing I keep on the other side of the back pocket is the Pocketbac hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works in the Winter Candy Apple scent!

I also keep my iPhone 7 in rosegold in the bag sometimes, but I usually carry it or have it in my pocket~

Overall this bag is the perfect size for me, it's not too small and it can fit the most essential items that I need to bring on an everyday basis!

It is pretty pricey, but it's worth the price! I'll link down the GIVENCHY website if you want to order one for yourself!

LINK: https://www.mytheresa.com/int_en/givenchy-pandora-mini-leather-shoulder-bag-766765.html?catref=category

The price is in EURO but you can convert it to either USD or PHP~ it is cheaper in this website compared to buying it from the GIVENCHY store officially, but you need an APP to access the e-store for GIVENCHY~

Thank you so much for reading!

Au revoir! 

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  1. ohmg i'm so jealous you have a givenchy bag! irs a dream of mine >___< but this is so goregous!

  2. This is just wow!