Unicorn Dreams achieved!

by - 7/09/2017

Magical dreams do come true! Naomi and I went to visit the Rainbow Dreams Cafe in Maginhawa 2 Sundays ago and it was indeed a colorful place full of sparkles and unicorns! Since it is a Unicorn Cafe lol!

It's so dreamy! Naomi and I couldn't stop taking pictures! It was also the first time Naomi and I hung out together, just the 2 of us, outside any Kawaii PH events, she lives in Japan now but she came back for a few weeks so we decided to hang out!

The cafe was really jam packed, we had to wait for about 20 min before we could enter since there was a line, we were third in line and the cafe does not have reservations~ but! it was actually all worth it! The food tasted great, and the price is really affordable!

We ordered 2 milkshakes, pasta, rice, and dessert! Naomi got the Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake, and I ordered the Oreo Milkshake! I think it was priced around 130-150 php each, and it was a huge glass! I got the Unicorn Carbonara, and Naomi got the bbq porkchop with the cute rice! I think they're priced between 180-220 php? I forgot, but they were still pretty affordable! The strawberry waffle was 150php! It was a big share and Naomi and I had to split it since we were both pretty full! If you like sweets, you'll really love it here! Everything was sweet~

Naomi looking all adorable!

We also got the chance to wear real cute Unicorn onesies!

They let you wear one after you eat and pay for the meal, since they don't want the onesies getting dirty~ I think this is a good way to do it, after paying, you can pick a onesie and start taking photos!

This is a spot where you can take photos by the entrance! Naomi and her matching phonecase and onesie!

Thanks for taking photos of me Naomi bby!

And here's the two of us! The first photo in this post we were dabbing! lol

Thank you for reading!

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