Morong Bataan

by - 5/21/2017

Last May 1-2, I went to the beach with my boyfriend for the first time lol can you believe it? our first out of town trip together, and we've been together for 3 years and 3 months and we haven't gone out of town together? And this was because it was his team building with his officemates lol I just tagged along~ Anyway, we went to Morong Bataan! It was my first time in bataan and it was a loooong drive, like seriously lol The sea was beautiful tho so I'm really glad I came!

Day 1 was pretty chill, we left at around 7:30 AM and we arrived a little past lunch, since the "chefs" needed to prepare lunch, and Mike and I are no chef lol we decided to walk around the beach and take pictures! It was glistening hot! but the water did sparkle~ it's been so long since I last went to the beach, I forgot the feeling of sand in my feet already lol

There were other people so it was hard to take pictures without having them in the shot =.= I was still getting used to the feeling of water and sand mixing lol not really something pleasant at first but I got used to it lol we literally just took a lot of pics, but it was extremely hard since the sun was so bright I couldnt see the photo I or Mike was taking lol

We were both wearing crocs because it easy to wear, can get wet, and you just need to wipe it to dry it off! Mike rocking his tank top lol and the sea was so pretty!

I wanted a dramatic shot of me walking along the shore, but me being my awkward self... made the photo look like there's a walking zombie lol

Somebody's happy lol He got a lot of seaweed, if that's what it was lol

In the afternoon, we decided to swim and apparently, buried his friend in the sand lol that's pretty much what we did the first day, played cards, ate snacks, hanging out at the beach, and swam a little bit~

Dinner was extremely good! it was my first time eating from a banana leaf! I forgot what they call it lol

But we lined it up and ate by hand! ahhh the feeling ~

We also decided to set up a tent, campfire, and made and ate smores!

Someone else made this bonfire, BUT! I made this:

I made this fire from scratch! Now I have one of the essential basic surviving skills, starting fire! lol

Day 2 was pretty simple, since most of them including Mike, woke up late lol But I'm a morning person so I wake up early, I helped prepare breakfast, took a litte walk, and changed into my swimwear, and some of us, decided to try the banana boat! which was the main attraction in this trip lol

Making sure our lifevest was properly closed lol

This was my first time riding a Banana boat as well! We were having so much fun!! then suddenly, the boat tipped and we all fell lol but we think it was on purpose lol because they asked some of us for our phones after a few min of riding, my phone was with me sealed in a waterproof case, but i haven't tested that out lol, but after the fall, it was proven and tested, the case was waterproof! haha!

Overall that was my favorite part of the trip!

I hope mike and I can go to more place together! when we're not too busy lol

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  1. This ship ride looks amazing and we can feel so much I mean in between water and so many sea animals we can see. Amazing share.