DOHTONBORI! Pon poko pooon!~

by - 5/20/2017

For my birthday, my boyfriend and decided to try and eat at Dohtonbori in UP Town Center! (Yes this is an old post lol gosh my pending posts are piling up). Interior wise, it looks amazing, the ambiance of being in Japan is there, and the authenticity was really on point! Unexpectedly, it was actually really affordable, and you get your moneys worth the amount and quality of the food you get!

Starting with Interior;

I bet from these images you're thinking of the song... "tenenenenenten ten ten teeeen" (that's a chinese song lol or at least bgm) but yes, you can feel the ambiance of pub in japan where you see office workers drink their hearts out with neckties on their forehead, private parts of the resto, and that cooker in the middle of the table lol what do you even call that? 

Even the exterior looks amazing!

Moving on to the food! We ordered Cheesy Pork Monjayaki I think is what it's called, Katsudon, OmuYakisoba, and a side of rice bowl with Miso soup!

The Katsudon was about almost 300php it comes with rice of course! However, the Monjayaki and the OmuYakisoba would need to be prepared in front of you, hence, the "cooker".

Katsudon was pretty big! Mike wasn't able to finish it! I ordered rice and miso soup for me on the side (I forgot how much it was tho lol)

NOW... onto the cooking part! They cooked the omuyakisoba first! and by the name of the dish, I'm guessing you already know what it is lol It's yakisoba enveloped in egg like omurice lol

This is good for two, and after eating this, Mike was already half full, like this was already enough as a meal. besides the fact that it's actually so dayum good! It's only 290php (or at least somewhere in that range)

The last thing they cooked was the Cheesy Pork Monjayaki cause it takes the longest time!

This is alsssssoooo really good! I think it was also between 260-300 php, if you're not a large eater, this can be good for 4 people, but if you eat a lot, I guess this can be good for 2 as well! 

You also have the liberty to put as much toppings or flavoring you want lol

So I put a bunch of Bonito flakes and Ao nori! lol

This was our view lol

Overall, the experience was great, food was amazing, my wallet was still alive after the man vs food fiasco, and I HIGHLY recommend this place for Japanese food loving people!!~

Food and chef critic, Micaela, ending this post..


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  1. The food looks so mouth watering and I am all for this beautiful ambiance of this restaurant. Thankyou for such an honest review!