by - 4/28/2017

VKUSNOOOO!! It's been a while, I've been neglecting my blog for some time now >< but! for myself and for my blog, I'll try to be more active, just been busy with work since I'm currently training for a higher position so wish me luck! lol  anyway going back to business, I recently bought these Vicchan case to feed my YOI hunger! I had to match the wallpaper as well to make me full! lol

I ordered this case from SUMAFO (@sumafo IG account) and they're the nicest people ever!  I was actually late in sending in the payment mostly because I ordered this during the holy week period, so most banks were also closed, but they did send this out asap! I received it immediately the week after the Holy Week and they haven;t really claimed the payment yet! they were really understanding and patient! A really nice shop and they have a lot of other designs from Yuri!!! On Ice to FREE! to HAIKYUU!! to other anime's!

They also give you these really cute stickers as freebies! They're so cute I dont know where to put them yet! haha! I'm so happy I found a really nice shop with good quality products to order from!

They're currently on hiatus for the month of MAY due to personal reasons as per their IG post, but they did say they'll be back for JUNE and that they'll have more in store for us!

So be sure to order when you get the chance to feed your fangirl obsession!

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  1. Thanks a lot mate for letting us know, as we do also have some sort of small desires to have a fancy case of phone. Your review was helpful!