Papermoon Cafe

by - 3/05/2017

Papermoon is the newest Cake cafe I fell in love with! The ambiance is good, the cakes are great, and the staff are also nice~ I recently spent my Saturday and Sunday at UP town center in Katipunan and would often get my dessert here at the Papermoon cafe!

 First of, the cakes look so dayum good! But as they say, you can't judge a cake by it's cover/design, rest assured though, they live up to their expectations! 

I would have to say the cakes are pretty pricey, one slice would cost 250php - 350php depending on the cake/crepe.

 When I went Saturday, I got a slice of their Strawberry Shortcake! It was around 350php I think, but man was it goooood!

The strawberries were humongous, the sponge was soft, and it wasn't so sweet, but also not bland and sour! It was just the perfect amount of sweetness that matched the sourness of the strawberries and it was a perfect combination! 

I would say the seats were comfortable, perfect place to hang out with your friends~
I spent 45 minutes here alone last Saturday and Sunday lol 

When I went back Sunday, I tried their Strawberry Mille Crepe Cake! It was 250php per slice, and it was heaven on a plate! The crepe was soft, the cream was perfect, and the strawberries were on point! 

This is a place I'm coming back to every weekend (if money allows it lol)

I'd recommend this place for small get together with friends, or at least just a place to relax~

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