Lash Wishes

by - 3/05/2017

I've always wondered what it was like to have long lashes, lashes that made some girls look like a Victoria Secret model, some like a Porcelain doll, and others, just plain gorgeous! Ever since I was young I've envied people with longer lashes, a lot of my friends would tell me that "you look like you cut your lashes"... Since it was so short, my aunt couldn't even use a curler on it before lol (but somehow I can manage now that I'm older). So I researched, on how to get voluminous lashes, since Falsies are actually hard for me to use, (they're SUPER complicated for me ;_;) I've used up my courage to go get myself Eyelash extensions!

Of course I did extensive research (I've actually been planning since last year June, was just too scared to do it) regarding the Pros and Cons of getting extensions, since they require maintenance like no other, and at the same time, you need to be EXTRA careful! So! I watched A TON of Youtube videos on getting Lash extensions, how to care for them, what to do, what not to do, and to be honest, IT'S A LOT OF WORK, I've only had them for 3 days so far so I'm still trying to see how much of a hassle it is, but so far not that much for me~

What I don't like about it is how you can't get them wet for a duration of time, so far, I hadn't put water directly at them for about 48 hours because I wanted to be sure about it, and I'm the type of person who reaaaalllyy likes to wash their face and I often want to always feel the water on my eyes. I guess because I just got the most basic one, it's not too glamorous, but! I would recommend you research first before trying to get one for yourself~

I went to Lash Wishes in UP Town Center Saturday afternoon, It was a really nice place! the ambience was relaxing, and the staff were really nice! I told them that it was my first time getting extensions~

They'll make you lie down and put like a large towel on your legs to help you relax since their Air conditioning is pretty cold, the process took about 45 minutes I would say, and they put tapes under your eyes to avoid getting glue on the lower lashes, and they do attach the lash one by one in case you didn't know.

You can't open your eyes once both eyes are done, since they want to make sure the glue is dry, they place a small fan near your eyes to help fasten the coolness/dryness of the glue, and once it's done, they give you tissues since you may be a bit teary eyed because of the glue! Overall, the experience in getting the lashes on was pleasant! I would recommend this place to friends who are used to getting lash extensions, and to beginners who are wanting to get luscious lashes!

My lashes are sooooo long now! lol They did tell me I can go back every 2 weeks to have them refilled since it depends on your lash cycle when it comes to the extensions falling out. But it will be cheaper when it comes to refills, I had the most basic one because I wanted to go for a natural look, so it was 550php, refills would be around 300php when you return.

I would suggest that you do a lot of research, weigh things out to see if you can maintain the lashes and if you can take care of it. Here's a price list for Lash Wishes!

I hope this helped some of you who are in doubt, (lol)

Thank you for readinf!

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