Kawaii PH Flea Market

by - 3/04/2017

Hi everyone! This is a 2-week late post of the actual event but hey, better late than never lol Been planning a lot of things recently so I've been pretty busy but! this post is mostly photo dumps of the actual event, and A LOT of the photos here (prolly the light toned photos) are the ones that are from Chichi (Littlemiss Paintbrush) Thanks mommy chichi! :*

This is the first time that I also had my own booth! I sold my pre loved clothes, shoes, kawaii accessories and random shiz~ The Kawaii PH Flea Market is basically a small bazaar created by of course, Kawaii Philippines to promote recycling by selling/re-using pre loved items!

The sad thing was that it actually rained real hard that day but! That didn't stop the shoppers and supporters to drop by and shop~

This was my booth~ *v*

Naomi's booth! My favorite girl~ :*

Kawaii PH booth, Armaine's, and Ashley's booth!

Kawaii PH team!

The Pink team! We're wearing Milk Club shop items! I actually bought the Jacket I was wearing~

They also had really delish but cute Latte art at the event!

I took a photo of this! Asuka's Unit! EVANGELION!

It was a fun experience being a seller for the first time, at least for my own booth~ I want to thank everyone who dropped by the event and made this possible and as well as everyone who supported Kawaii PH, THANK YOU! <3

Here's to more events for 2017!

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