Beauty and the Beast Movie and Death by Burgers!

by - 3/18/2017

(photos from SM North Edsa the Block)
Beauty and the Beast has been one of my all time favorite Disney Cartoons! Watching it come to life and have one of the most respected and influential woman play the role of Belle was an amazing experience! Last night, I watched the Magic come to life with my boyfriend Mike, and my brother Mari, at UP Town Center Cinema in Katipunan. 
We watched it in 4DX (same with MOANA) and it really felt magnificent to feel like you're living in the world of books, magical curses and unfriendly people! 
I originally reserved tickets online Thursday morning through to make sure we'll still have a spot for the 4DX/3D cinema since UP Town Center only has 4 cinemas and one for the 4DX/3D theater. Which was the best thing I did, I scheduled our movie for the last full show which was 9:40 PM, my brother and I arrived at around 5:30 since we wanted to look around, and we would eat dinner with my boyfriend, I also wanted to make sure we pay for the reservations without any hassle that's why I decided that we leave early. Arriving at the cinema's oddly, there was no line, which was weird because it was a Saturday, and payout was only a few days ago, I realized that they had signs everywhere saying "ALL SEATS FOR BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IN ALL CINEMA'S ARE SOLD OUT FOR TODAY". So that includes the 2 or 3 cinema's featuring the movie, and all the times for that day, and we arrived earlier than our planned schedule! So thankfully I reserved ours online. 
Before watching, since we had plenty of time to spare, we ate dinner at 8CUTS burger! 

We each had our own burgers and I got 2 flavors of fries for the table! I already knew that 8CUTS burger is an expensive burger joint since we already ate here before, but last night's dinner, was a total of 1,525php! I can say it's a really good quality burger, and the fries were also really good, but, this is not a place I would recommend if you don't have extra money. Of course if you have money to spare, this is a really delicious place! Mike and Mari got the 1/3 lb 4 Cheese Burger, and I got the 1/4lb Q Daddy burger. 
The Fries were Skinny and the two flavors we added were Bacon and Cheese, and Chili and Cheese!
So after eating dinner, we walked around and when it was a quarter to 9 pm, we decided to go back to the Cinema's and buy our movie buddies! Mike and I got Potato Corner (as always) and Mari would always get Cheese popcorn~

Overall it was a really good Saturday and it was well spent! We had so much fun. the movie was amazing! (tried so hard not to sing along lol), and the food we ate was great! 
I would recommend the movie to ANYBODY, young, old, girl, boy, disney fan, non disney fans... it's a movie for everybody! 

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