Kawaii Box Review (Old post)

by - 1/24/2017

Another review of this wonderful box of cuteness!~ Kawaii Box Co. sent me another one of their Kawaii Boxes and I'm so happy with this particular box! mostly because I'll be able to use/eat these items! It's a shame there was a huge delay with our local post office and it took me 3 months before I got this specific box. Hopefully won't happen again next time, but at least it's here! This is actually the OCTOBER 2016 box and the items included are:

You can also check the Kawaii Box post about this specific box HERE
So! Now we can get started with my box!

The box really has this cute touch to it with the really cute personalized wrapping paper and of course welcome card!

Opening the box, you'll find a mountain of cute items and even snacks! Neatly packed showcasing each item~

First item I'll be introducing is my favorite, the PIKACHU coin purse! I can add this to my lovely pikachu collection and it's something I'll definitely be using! There's also a tag included so you'd know the brand!

 Besides collecting Disney related things, I'm in love with this super cute DAISY keychain plush! (good thing I got daisy instead of Minnie mouse lol) the tag is also included to prove the authenticity of the item~

A snack I can definitely munch on while reading Sailor Moon~ (I've had this before and my brother loved it! lol)

Another candy I'll keep in my mouth while playing my Nintendo 3DS! I imagine myself playing Super Mario while snacking away with this halloween themed candy~

Kawaii Box leveling up with their simple DIY items, and cute squishies, along with adorable perfume bottles!! Loving the Oreo squishy! It's making me crave!

 Weeeee! more items I can add to my Journal/Sticker collection!

A lovely sight of their cards, brochures, and promotional items!
Overall I seriously loved this box! (all of their boxes are cute to the core!!~)
Excited to share the happiness I got while opening this to you! sooo....



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