Just for Starbucks...

by - 1/08/2017

Hello 2017! Okay, so I never really planned on getting the starbucks planner since I figured, well.. I might not use it, but a week ago, I suddenly decided that.. "I WANT TO GET ONE", but with the promo almost over, I had about 2 weeks to finish it, since the promo was extended till the 12th of the month, but I wanted to get it as soon as possible, so I made sure I completed my stickers within one week! Which I did! *AAA* of course not by myself~

I had some of my close workmates and my boss come with me for the first batch of my stickers!

I actually really loved the Santa Hat Frappe~ so that's what I ordered most of the time~

(I also cut my bangs by the way... haha!)

It's been a year since I had bangs, but I missed it! still wanted to go for a more mature look so I went with see-through bangs~

back to story!

The next batch was with college friends the next few days, but I couldn't get the picture to transfer to dropbox so I don't have any pictures with them ;_;

but thank youuuu!

And lastly, the last person who helped me complete the stickers was no other than le boyfriend!

Our traditional Saturday date went a little bit on the rougher side because PSBank ate my money!! now I need to wait 3-5 banking days before I could get it... ;A; but other than that, the date went on and bam! We ate dinner at my favorite, PEPPER LUNCH then had dessert and frappe at starbucks~ usual routine every saturdays~

That's how I got my Starbucks planner!


I got the small "mermaid" version since its cuter and I have a small bag ~ Will do an in depth review of it prolly soon~ but I have other things I wanted to blog about so... I need to get those done as well...

A New Years Resolution blog post will also be up soon (hopefully~)
But thank you so much for taking the time to read this nonsensical-but-memorable-experience-for-me blog post lol!

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