Friuli Trattoria

by - 11/16/2016

Yesterday, some friends and I ate at one of my favorite mini places, Friuli Trattoria! it's this great little Italian place at Maginhawa! they have a branch at UP Town Center now though, but I love the authenticity of the one in Maginhawa~

It's like a classic little Italian cafe/restaurant just on the outskirts of Italy~ Plus, the prices of the food here are really worth it! 270php for the 10 slice Pizza (we got the beef pizza), 140 php for the Classic spaghetti, and 145 php for the Classic Carbonara~ (can't remember the exact names though lol). The Pasta's are good for 2 people, so it's so worth it!

Of course they have a lot of other choices! but the ones we ordered were so good! can't really describe like how it tastes through writing, but one thing's for sure, the quality is more than what you paid for!

We were only three and we were so full after finishing the meal! everything was real good and this is something I'd recommend if you love italian food! The place is really homey and simple, a great place to hang out with friends to catch up and chat.

I did a lot of Cafe Hopping over the week so expect a lot of food related posts!
Please look forward to more cafe reviews and hopefully this list/series of posts would help you check out these cafes in the future!

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