Happy Skin X Disney Princess Liquid Matte Lipstick Set In Cinderella And Ariel

11/19/2016 Micaela 11 Comments

Finally got my hands on the Happy Skin X Disney Princess Liquid Matte Lipstick Set In Cinderella And Ariel!  They're my top two favorite Disney princesses~ (Next would be Rapunzel and Belle, so I ordered them online as well! lol can't wait for them to arrive!) I'm really happy since my top 4 princesses are actually paired together for these products! I got these two first since I'm actually in need of Liquid Lipsticks~ 

Be Curious and Courageous
Happy Skin x Disney is a special collection that celebrates the princess in all of us. Princesses don't just believe they can do it. They know they can. Show your true princess colors!
Have courage and be kind, like Cinderella.
Enchant with this mauve lippie and work hard to make your dreams come true, even with a midnight curfew.
Like Ariel, makes waves by being courageous and curious about the world.
Make this red wine color part of your world!

The tagline and description/introduction of Happy Skin to this specific set! Being Courageous  and Curious is a combination someone needs to become adventurous! And you can be these princesses while wearing their signature color (lip color!) 

The box itself looks so magical! Both Ariel and Cinderella's charms and personality are all properly designed and well shown in the packaging!

Inside, a beautiful quote awaits you in hope that we may be as inspired as these princesses! They are packed together side by side with a royal maroon ribbon on each side of the products to easily lift them from the package!   (will be posting selfies with the lippies soon!)

The Ariel Liquid Lipstick is a red wine/maroon color that brings out the woman and the curious girl in you! Feel professional and playful at the same time with this lovely color!~

The ariel shade also had this really pigmented feel and powedery finish~ the product itself is really think so it's not something you can go overboard with~ but overall, the look of the lipstick makes your lips look full and beautiful~

I took a selfie as well!

(I loved how mature and grown up I look~ finally found a look to gear away from my childlike features, mainly chubby cheeks lol)

The Cinderella Liquid Lipstick has a peachy/mauve color that tilts a little over the nude family~ A fun and girly shade that can make your dreams come true!

Tried the Cinderella Liquid Lipstick the whole day yesterday, and I gotta say, it feels really light on the lips! you won't feel it, it has powdery finish so it's not sticky, and I love how pigmented it is! One other thing is, I love how it doesn't have a weird taste, or any weird smell... I didn't even have to re-apply! It lasted for 9 hours!

Overall, I really love how this collaboration turned out! The product itself doesn't feel sticky on the lips, their very pigmented, and tastes good! (at least for me)  I can confidently say that this is a really good quality lippie that every girl would need on their day trips or night activities!

You can purchase your own set or buy them individually at http://www.happyskincosmetics.com/ or to any of their retail branches for only 1,299 PHP for the set or 699 PHP individually~

I will be doing a review for the Rapunzel and Belle Moisturizing Lippie set soon so please also look forward to it! Thank you for reading and hope you also become a magical princess! 


Friuli Trattoria

11/16/2016 Micaela 0 Comments

Yesterday, some friends and I ate at one of my favorite mini places, Friuli Trattoria! it's this great little Italian place at Maginhawa! they have a branch at UP Town Center now though, but I love the authenticity of the one in Maginhawa~

It's like a classic little Italian cafe/restaurant just on the outskirts of Italy~ Plus, the prices of the food here are really worth it! 270php for the 10 slice Pizza (we got the beef pizza), 140 php for the Classic spaghetti, and 145 php for the Classic Carbonara~ (can't remember the exact names though lol). The Pasta's are good for 2 people, so it's so worth it!

Of course they have a lot of other choices! but the ones we ordered were so good! can't really describe like how it tastes through writing, but one thing's for sure, the quality is more than what you paid for!

We were only three and we were so full after finishing the meal! everything was real good and this is something I'd recommend if you love italian food! The place is really homey and simple, a great place to hang out with friends to catch up and chat.

I did a lot of Cafe Hopping over the week so expect a lot of food related posts!
Please look forward to more cafe reviews and hopefully this list/series of posts would help you check out these cafes in the future!