What's on my iPhone 7!?

by - 10/13/2016

I've been blogging for the past few days and I'm so happy that I've had time to write! I miss blogging a lot! I was super busy for the past few months that I didn't have enough time to write every weekend... but so far I'm happy with this! So for this post, I will be doing a "What's on my iPhone 7" blog version post! since youtubers have vlogs about this, I'll do a written version lol (since I don't have that much time to edit videos) I also did an "unboxing" / "review" of the iPhone 7 in Rose gold 128 gb if you want to check that to know what's included in the box, click HERE

Well let's get started! First off is my lock screen, it's a photo of me and my boyfriend Mike, wearing our Pikachu and Charmander onesies!

It's a selfie so.. yeah (lol) Unlocking, my home wallpaper is a shot by Rainbowholic (master!! lol) of Tokyo Disneyland (with Halloween Decorations). Using it because it looks so cute!

As you can see, my Home screen is very organized, I don't like having a cluttered looking home page so I keep everything in a folder to make my phone look clean and neat~ so of course we will go through the folders one by one!

The first folder is "My" folder, where I keep all the apps I use on a daily basis, which includes social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I also keep some apps related to anime in this folder like Manga apps~ VLC is also a super important app that I use a lot because I love putting movies/anime episodes here.

So this is my VLC player app, I categorized it accordingly, from Anime movies, to my jpop stuff, to actually movies.

You can also follow me on Instagram!

And these are my Facebook and Twitter pages!
I also use soundcloud and Youtube for my covers! so feel free to check them out as well! (links are in the "LINK" option of my blog~)

Next folder is the "Games" folder!

Since my phone is new (not even 1 week old lol) I still need to download a bunch of apps; but so far these are the games I have so far (need to DL Mystic Messenger again!)

I still play Pokemon GO, (been playing nonstop for 2 months ever since it was released), in case you didn't know, I LOVE POKEMON lol, I collect Pikachu plushies and I've been playing it since the gameboy color, now I'm super excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon to be released! Hoping they brought back the feature where you can customize your character like in X and Y.. but still! can't wait! *ahem* anyway... so I just recently reached level 30 (after spending about 1300 php on the app) but I still need more charmanders so I can get a charizard!

There were multiple spawns of Dragonite and Snorlax here in Quezon City and I went crazy and ended using a lot of Pokeballs that I had to buy again... I spent a lot on this app though... I need to tone it down a little lol

Anyway! another game my boyfriend and I (including peeps from the office) are addicted is this "Pineapple Pen" game~

IT'S SO ANNOYING BUT ADDICTING! we even have tournaments lol and just a few other games I recently downloaded~

Next folder would be my "Camera/Purikura" folders, which includes all apps related to cameras, photo editing apps, and of course my photos!

One editing app I like to use is the "RakugaCute" app! it has adorable stickers!

I seriously love it!

Next is the "Contact" Folder, this includes all apps related to calling, contacts, chatting/texting, and my mail!

"App Store" folder,  which has the App store, and everything related to itunes!

"Extra", "Utilities", and "Media" folder all includes apps I rarely use, most of them I don't even know how to use, or I've never opened at all lol these are where I keep the basic apps that come with the phone already like "news", "voice memos", "tips" etc...

This is how I organize my phone, and these are the things that are on my iPhone!

I'm planning on making a "Top 10 apps for iPhone" post as well, so look forward to it!

Thank you for reading and see you soon! image

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  1. Where did you buy youre iphone 7? is it released here in philippines?

    1. wow sorry for the late reply~ :) yes it is now haha

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