Life Lately (August-September)

by - 10/07/2016

It's already October but! This is a life lately post from Augusut-September~ Gosh a lot has actually happened lol this is just to update everyone on how I've been lately since I've been actually super busy with a lot of things especially at work, but I still want to find the time to write and update my blog! so here's what's been going on...

I've been busy and addicted with journaling (lol) ever since Abbey Sy's event, I'm always buying journal stuff and stickers! it's so much fun to do! I recommend everyone who loves blogging, can give this a try!

I've also been wearing my Sukajan a lot lately, a  lot of people have been asking me about and stuff lol but I so love it because it looks good on almost everything I wear!

Talking about Pokemon, I'm currently collecting Pikachu plushies lately! plus, my boyfriend and I got Pokemon onesies! I got pikachu he got charmander! we wore these to Cosmania 16 last weekend, I'll blog about it soon as well but this is so comfy and cute! plus the quality is really good compared to other onesies I see on the net...

Last but not least, I've been recently addicted to this weepy filter from Pika Pika~ lol it's so adorable!! *A* I look like an anime character/cosplayer! lol

Anyway, I have a lot of pending blog posts to make but I hope I can find the time to post them lol

Thank you for reading!

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  1. This Pikachu gets up looks so cool and amazing. Plus I love the idea of this hoodie for kids too. I will buy this real soon