Kawaii PH x Canmake PH Beauty Workshop + Garage Sale!

by - 10/15/2016

October 15 of 2016, Kawaii Philippines held a collaborative Beauty Workshop in partnership with the one and only Canmake Philippines! For the readers who haven't heard of Canmake, it's a cosmetic brand which originated from Japan and is now currently in the PH bringing their high quality but affordable make up items! Aside from the whole day workshop, Kawaii PH also held it's Garage sale for the month!

The beauty workshop consists of 3 "sensei's" or teachers, and it's the beauty trio Ashley Dy , Anne Kate, and Chai Mungcal. These fellow kawaii PH bloggers had a very successful workshop with very cute and supportive students! Canmake also provided a lot of sample/tester's, and even provided goodies for the students!

Everyone was so attentive and was really following the tips being given by our speakers~

Here's Kaye supporting Ashley by being her model, Chichi supporting little sis Kaye, and here I am supporting Chichi by taking a photo in a photo (lol) doesn't make sense..

The workshop overall was a huge success and everyone looked like they had so much fun!! Now since there's a party on the 2nd floor of the headquarters, there's also a party downstairs at the Garage sale!

We had a lot of new items! New plushies, new stickers/Journal materials from Rainbowholic, new shirts from Mad Tee Party, new dresses from Dolly Kaye, and new stickers from Little Miss Paintbrush!

There's also a whole bunch of B-Side Label stickers! (which people usually go crazy for~) and I went crazy with the Rainbowholic Journal materials like washi tapes, stickers, and all the Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise!

New stickers and art prints from Little Miss Paintbrush were also released here!

And, the big surprise is, aside from the usual Kawaii PH items you see during Garage sales, Canmake PH also provided their products to be showcased and bought at a discounted price! Most items were 50 % off!!

I bought a couple of products (specifically concealers and highlighters lol) ~
It was a really fun day at the HQ today, Chichi also made pasta! it tasted so good! (I forgot to take a photo of it though )

But I hope everyone who dropped by also had fun and got a lot of cute items!

Thank you to everyone who visited the store today, thank you to the student's who participated in the workshop, and thank you to Canmake PH for a fun filled day!

Visit Canmake Philippines website to find out more about their  products!
Link: http://www.canmakeph.com/ 

Thank you for reading!

I have a  lot of exciting posts to come so please look forward to it!

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  1. adorable! you all look so cute! the store looks really nice! ^_^