Cosplay Mania 2016

by - 10/10/2016

A week late on the Cosplay Mania update (lol) but here it is! My boyfriend, my brother and I, went during the 2nd day of Cosmania which was Sunday, October 2, 2016! We came with our onesies! My boyfriend mike was wearing a charmander onesie, and I wore a Pikachu onesie! my brother was just chillin.. lol

There were a lot of people who asked to take pictures of us and asked us where we got our onesies lol We got it from HeartsDreamPH in instagram, but they had a small booth at UP Town Center (which I think is no longer there...) but you can order online! we took pictures with this super cool dude dressed as the Predator!

Of course the Kawaii PH store had a booth there as well! This time I was just a visitor since I had plans that day and wasn't able to help out in the booth, but of course I dropped by to support Kawaii PH!

There were a lot of really cool cosplayers, but since the place was JAM PACKED, it was hard to take photos of the event, so I was only able to snag a few shots of cosplayers who were able to pose lol ram and rem everywhere but gosh they're so cute! I wanted to go as Emilia but, I didn't have enough time ;A;

Of course I visited Heroine Complex booth! My friend Mika's booth! she has a lot of authentic merch straight from Japan! I bought a lot of Iwatobi FREE items lol

Some of the few selcas we took, we sat down when we were super tired from roaming around! lol

One sad thing was I wasn't able to attend Baozi and Hana's meet and greet!! ;AAAA; (photo from Baozi and Hana FB page) I SWEAR I WILL NEXT TIME!!

And of course Cosmania post won't be complete without a haul photo!

bought a bunch of items lol but super excited to expand my Pikachu plushie collection!

Anyway, the event was super fun even though there were so many people, it was still a really great convention! looking forward to next year!

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