What to bring on a Pokemon Adventure!

by - 9/08/2016

It's been a while everyone! I haven't blogged for almost a month! primarily because I've been so busy with work, with all the changes, and as well as changing my schedule from the night shift to the day shift.. plus nothing really interesting has happened lately, that I think (at least) is worth sharing.. so now! there's going to be a ton of new updates! Yay for September!

Anyway, it's been a month since Pokemon GO has been released here in the Philippines... and I'm super late in posting about it since I needed to wait for a few things to arrive before making this post, but now that everything has fallen in its respective places, I finally got to publishing this post!

So this is basically a, What's in my bag? Pokemon GO edition post! These are my essentials that I bring with me whenever I go pokemon hunting!

I make sure to bring all the necessary items I need that would fit my travel sized but stylish backpack when I go on a Pokemon adventure, so! to start off, let me introduce of course my handy dandy back pack!

This bag is a from one of my favorite Japanese brands of all time, WEGO, I love their style in clothing, bags, and other accessories as well! You can order yours from http://candykawaiilover.storenvy.com/
It's a sturdy, light but durable back pack which is also good for rain because I can just wipe it off~ (don't literally/intentionally allow it to be rained on though lol)

I also have my sleeping Pikachu keychain as my companion  for my travel!

Of course you would need your wallet, (currently using a brown Kate Spade wallet), your medicine kit/pouch, and I also bring candies with me, on the sailor moon case, I put mints on it, and on the Touken Ranbu candy case, I put the sweet candies in it... I need my candies for energy! lol

Bringing a Powerbank/charger is a MUST when you go on a Pokemon GO adventure! let's admit it, the app pretty much drains our batteries a lot faster, so! I always make sure I have my cord, and my power bank with me in these times! I'm currently using my favorite Power bank at the moment, the emoji unicorn power bank, and I keep my cord/cable in this adorable Pikachu pouch along with my  earphones (which is a super important item for me lol)

I also bring my make up pouch for any needed re-touching~ since we will be walking to play the game, it's inevitable that our make up will fade and as well as we'll look sweaty and stressed after a few hours of walking, but! I use a simple baby powder and some lip tint for a natural and refreshing look!

Also bring hankeys, tissues, and wet tissues in case of emergencies, and of course it's a necessity! I also have my keys in the pocket of my bag, but of course that's a given already!

So basically, this is what's in my bag whenever I go out to catch Pokemon and try to level up my character! I'm currently stuck on 23 since I haven't been able to play for the past 2 weeks, and leveling up after you hit 20 is kind of harder because it's more tiring haha! but! so excited for the new updates that will be released soon!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and hope to see you on our Pokemon adventures! be sure to pack everything you need!

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  1. oh my gosh whre did u get that unicorn charger? and your things are so cute!!