The ABC's of Journaling

by - 9/15/2016

Congratulations to Abbey Sy for her successful book launch last weekend! The ABC's of Journaling book launch was held last September 10, 2016 at Glorietta 1 National Bookstore! the entire Kawaii PH finally had a photo of the complete team members from founder to interns! everyone was so happy and we all had super fun! 

The event itself was inside National Bookstore and you'd need to purchase a copy of the book before you get inside~ we hung outside for quite some time because we were taking pictures, plus the place was jam packed! 

I also got my Sukajan! We were all wearing our Sukajan's for a photoshoot we had! we looked so cute! Before entering the event, since we arrived a little earlier, we actually went outside to have a mini photoshoot to get good lighting lol but since it was so hot, we decided to go back in and have a little bit of air conditioning in our bodies~

Anne kate and I are twinning our Sukajans! 

 The book itself was really creative, and it had a lot of inspirational content... it's something I will bring with me whenever I want to travel and do some journaling lol

I looked so happy in the 1st picture, Kaye and Ashley were making me laugh while I was posing lol

 my shot with Abbey! she knows me as the writer for some of's blog posts! so happy! <3

Since I didn't have my journal, I decided to buy one so I can use it! lol! now I journal all the time!

and finally, selca's with the team!

I had a lot of selca's with kaye! haha! thank yo sinsan! lol

Anyway the entire day was super fun! it's been a while since I've been with some of the team, but I'm happy we finally had a complete picture together!

Hoping to more events before the year ends!

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