Sharing the Sukajan love!

by - 9/24/2016

A lot of people have been asking me where I got my Sukajan, or souvenir jacket, well you can also get yours now with 10% off at JapanLover.Me's shop! of course I'll be sharing my code here:

Once you've clicked my referral link, you'll be redirected to the store with a 10% off of your purchase! (with a minimum order of 150$)

Now's your chance to own one of these amazing piece of art! Add it to cooli-ify your OOTD, of course it comes in different colors, designs, and concepts! Anime embroided jackets, pastel colored jackets, reversible ones, and of course traditional japanese designed jackets!

Super excited to take this baby with me on future travels and shenanigans!

Please do visit JapanLoverme store for more choices and more information!

 Be sure to use my referral code for a friendly discount!!

Happy weekend guys!

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