Canmake Airy Fit Cover Foundation, Candy Wrap Lipgloss, and Oil Blotting sheets Review!

by - 8/07/2016

"Matte up, and Pucker up!" as per Canmake Philippines and introduced this amazing promo for make up lovers! Canmake Philippines currently has an on-going promo (no date as to when it will end or how long this special discount will run) where you can get their Airy Fit Cover Foundation, Candy Wrap Lip Gloss, and their Limited Edition Oil Blotting sheets with gold flakes for only 1,500 php!
When I saw this ad posted, I knew I can't let the opportunity pass, so! I went to one of their branches in Landmar Trinoma, and got me one!

I know it's pretty rare that I do a blog post/review on make up products since I hardly buy any, but I've been seeing my fellow Kawaii PH Bloggers recommend Canmake products and I just wanted to try them as well! Good thing I came across their special promo! it's a good set of products to start with for beginners as well!

Let's start off with their Airy Fit Cover Foundation! They come in separate boxes, one for the case, and one for the product itself, so you'd need to assemble it first, but no worries, it's as easy as 1,2,3...
once you get the product out of the box, you'd need to slowly lift it from the plastic container since there's glue at the bottom so that when you transfer it inside the case, it will surely stick..

The case pattern is simple but also really pretty! I like it! it looks so dainty! I got the lightest tone btw~

Moving on with the Candy Wrap Lip gloss! they actually come in a lot of shades (revolving around reddish pink - peach) but I got this pinky peach color and it's the third darkest shade they have for this collection~

Tried it and it's so pigmented it feels like liquid lipstick, and they taste real good lol not that I'm eating it or anything, but I do like the scent and the taste, it feels a little thick at first so you need to be careful when applying them! I will post my selifes with the products later on!

And finally, their Limited Edition Oil Blotting sheet with Gold Flakes!

it's like a small booklet of oil paper with gold! I feel so regal! I haven't tried this of course, I don't actually buy oil blotting sheets because my face is never really oily, but I do want to try this out so I can't wait till I do and will probably share the feels with you!

Also, they gave me a freebie!

Not really sure how or where to use it, (lol) but it looks super pretty!

Here are a few selfies with the products on!

I didn't use any powder before or after when I applied the foundation, and I also did not apply any concealer, so whatever is on my face, it's just the foundation itself~ not really sure how much I should actually apply, but I just went for a natural look so I guess it looks pretty normal, but smoother, the foundation is pretty easy to use and apply, it's also easy to spread which makes everything so much easier for a beginner like me!

The lip gloss as I have mentioned earlier, is really pigmented that it kind of feels like lipstick because it feels super thick, but the thickness (or feeling of thickness) would subside after a few minutes and my lips felt lighter~

Overall, I think buying these is definitely worth your money, because their easy to use, it's hypoallergenic, and the packaging itself is also super adorable! I'd recommend these to make up loving gals!

You can visit Canmake Philippines in the following branches:
- Landmark Trinoma/Makati, Pure Beauty Serendra, and PCX!

Feel free to visit their website and shop online: 

Thank you for dropping by and see you in my next post!!

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