Kawaii PH Store JULY Garage Sale

by - 7/02/2016

Hey guys happy July! It's been so long since I blogged about something, again busy with work, real life shiz and all that, plus we were out of net for about a week because of a mix up! ;A; but! I am laying out all my blogging ideas and promised myself to make time for it at least every weekend! haha! So Today, and tomorrow, Kawaii PH opened it's doors again to the public for its monthly Garage Sale! it's also a 2-day Garage sale this july and A LOT of people came today (which is the first day) THAN YOU!! *A*

This was my OOTD earlier! went all denim for our first day!

There were a lot of new items Mad Tee Party, Whimsicute, Dolly Kaye, Rainbowholic, and Candy Kawaii Lover! Kaye's dress almost sold out just during the first 2 hours of opening earlier!

My favorites!! Mad Tee Party's Super Gay shirt, and the B Side Label stickers!

Kaila and Ashley brought a lot of items from Japan! WEGO items, Larme Magazines, Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise and more!

Of course I took selcas with my favorite Totoro! hihihi!

Day 1 team! we had so much fun taking selcas and OOTD shots lolol with Ashley, Wynona, Kaye, and Chichi!

And of course everyone else's OOTD shots I took! everyone always looks kawaii and fun! I 'm trying out an otona-kei look (inspired by ashley lolol)

Overall today was a success! thanks again to everyone who dropped by to shop and support all these brands!

See you again tomorrow!

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  1. Aww looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! Also, WEGO is one of my fave brands!! Hihi ♥♥ Miss you girls!!