Japanese Snack Haul

by - 7/24/2016

Two posts for this weekend! I'm so proud of myself! Although this is a super random Japanese Snacks Haul! I wanted to try and make like a tasting video, but I didn't have time, plus I unconsciously opened one pack already which will make the video lose sense (lol)
 But! I did take proper photos of each chocolate/snack! (all of these came from Japan!)

First up are these Sabrel Cheese biscuits/cookies from PABLO~ THIS IS SO GOOD <3 good thing there were 2 boxes of it!! lol! it's soft but crunchy and chewy at the same time, and the filling is made up of Gouda and Parmesan cheese! ONE OF MY FAVORITES!

Of course one should never forget about the Sakura Matcha flavored KitKats (kind of like a japan trademark ;lol) and it's my first time to try the melon flavored kitkat as well! <3

and of course the ever traditional Matcha flavored POCKY!! the large one lol!

These Broadland Financier cookies are to die for! literally~

 Roasted and Almond assorts which are individually wrapped are very convenient and of course easy to eat and bring!

And last but not least, (this was not in the main photo lol) a box of the YOKU MOKU tea set! So need tea right now since it's perfect for the rainy season and all~

I forgot to take a picture of the ALMOND chocolate box since my mom kept if for herself lol

Anyway, that's it for today's haul post!!

preparing another blog post soon! let me know if you've tasted some of these and what are your thoughts~ <3

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  1. Two posts for this weekend? That is really cool and I didn't even expect. I think it would be much better to make a video although this post is also great. Japanese snacks are very different and unexpectable as usual.