Japanese Snack Haul

7/24/2016 Micaela 1 Comments

Two posts for this weekend! I'm so proud of myself! Although this is a super random Japanese Snacks Haul! I wanted to try and make like a tasting video, but I didn't have time, plus I unconsciously opened one pack already which will make the video lose sense (lol)
 But! I did take proper photos of each chocolate/snack! (all of these came from Japan!)

First up are these Sabrel Cheese biscuits/cookies from PABLO~ THIS IS SO GOOD <3 good thing there were 2 boxes of it!! lol! it's soft but crunchy and chewy at the same time, and the filling is made up of Gouda and Parmesan cheese! ONE OF MY FAVORITES!

Of course one should never forget about the Sakura Matcha flavored KitKats (kind of like a japan trademark ;lol) and it's my first time to try the melon flavored kitkat as well! <3

and of course the ever traditional Matcha flavored POCKY!! the large one lol!

These Broadland Financier cookies are to die for! literally~

 Roasted and Almond assorts which are individually wrapped are very convenient and of course easy to eat and bring!

And last but not least, (this was not in the main photo lol) a box of the YOKU MOKU tea set! So need tea right now since it's perfect for the rainy season and all~

I forgot to take a picture of the ALMOND chocolate box since my mom kept if for herself lol

Anyway, that's it for today's haul post!!

preparing another blog post soon! let me know if you've tasted some of these and what are your thoughts~ <3


Life Lately JUNE-JULY

7/23/2016 Micaela 2 Comments

Finally a Life lately post, I was inspired by Chai's "life lately posts".. I love how she summarizes her fun times through 1 post so I decided to make one since I barely have time to blog a lot of things in separate posts.. (lol) So this post is about what I've been up to from JUNE to somewhat mid JULY~
(it's not much since I'm a NEET =3=) but yeah... so.. yeah.. lol!

I've been playing Digimon Cybersleuths on my PS Vita lately, so I'm taking a rest from my 3DS and Fire Emblem playing lol~ I've also been doing a few OOTD shots lately, unlike before where I RARELY take some haha! Work has been very hectic recently so I didn't go out much and there's not much to tell~

but I recently went out with my College friends and I was sooo happy!

We went out for dinner and had fun reminiscing our good o'l times together lol we felt so old!

Important selfies of course! aha! we had dinner at Cafe Shibuya (our all time favorite!)

as usual I ordered my favorite Chicken Parmigiana!! But this time, I also decided to try their dessert

THIS WAS HEAVEN! it's fererro hazelnut something something toast lol~ but it was sooooo good!

I'll try their strawberry next time tho haha!

I'm also reading a lot of BL mangas lately since a few weeks ago was just the BLush con and I did a haul post before~ feel free to check it out! haha! I also bought a bunch of sailor moon stuff lately so haha I don't need to wonder where my money went...lolol

I got the pen and mechanical pencil sailor moon from Tokyo Fanatics! so check out their FB page!

 and also... I GOT A HAIR CUT!! I originally wanted it to be at least below the shoulders... I don't know what happened there but.. I'll just live with it ahaha!

For now I'll end this post with this "supposed-to-be-serious-OOTD-shot-but-coworkers-making-me-laugh-shot"  haha! Will be updating my blog again soon and I cant wait to release my "SPEAK JAPANESE WITH MICA" blog series! I'm working hard to produce it so hope you'll find it helpful soon! please loo out for it!


BLush Conventio 2016 (Haul)

7/10/2016 Micaela 0 Comments

Finally, the event I was waiting for since April/May... BLush Convention (held 7/9/16)! It's the ultimate (and only so far) BL or Boys Love convention in the Philippines! it's their 3rd convention this year, and I was able to attend the 1st one as well! (I still have my loots from that time lol), I wasn't able to attend the second one so I had to make sure I participated in the 3rd one! This year's con was actually SUPER JAM PACKED! I wasn't able to take pictures during the con because there were so many people!

So, I will be sharing with you guys my BL haul from the convention! (by the way they showed Doukyuusei and episodes from Sekaichii Hatsukoi in this little screen and everyone was literally screaming during the kiss scenes lol)

I actually bought a lot of items this year lol (spent all my money)  but I'm super happy about my purchase!

First off I got these 2 MakoHaru Doujinshis! (Anime is FREE!)~ I love these two so much! although my favorite couple is actually ReiGisa, they didnt sell that much doujinshi's of them! ; A ; buuut! these two are super adorable as well! I haven't even opened these because they're too precious!

I also got this adorable Sekaiichii Hatsukoi~ and Junjou Romantica tote bag and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Bookmarks featuring my favorite pairs! I love Kise and Yukina because they're both so lovey dovey about each other, but of course the Trifecta couple is a crowd favorite as well! * A *

I also got these Japanese manga's by Sakuya Sakura! she used to be one of my favorite manga artists because I really love her style, but not much of her work gets translated~ so I got these two and Imma read them (at work ehehe)

I got these Touken Ranbu items! (unghhh) I got the friction pen (chika :3), a new key holder for my car keys, and a poster!

A closer look at the friction pen!

I also got this super cute iPhone 6 case! While I was browsing through their shop, I called it "Brief Case", the owner liked my term so much she gave me a free sticker! lols

And of course I got a Doukyuusei Tote bag which I used for shopping lol and I got a free gachapon item from one of the stalls!

All in all, everything I spent during the event was so worth it, and I wish I could've bought more items ; A ; the con was so much fun, even though I went alone lol

If ever I find pictures from the event organizers themselves, I'll ask permission if I can borrow some of their pics so I can blog about the event itself~

Thanks again for dropping by and see you soon!


Kawaii PH Store JULY Garage Sale

7/02/2016 Micaela 2 Comments

Hey guys happy July! It's been so long since I blogged about something, again busy with work, real life shiz and all that, plus we were out of net for about a week because of a mix up! ;A; but! I am laying out all my blogging ideas and promised myself to make time for it at least every weekend! haha! So Today, and tomorrow, Kawaii PH opened it's doors again to the public for its monthly Garage Sale! it's also a 2-day Garage sale this july and A LOT of people came today (which is the first day) THAN YOU!! *A*

This was my OOTD earlier! went all denim for our first day!

There were a lot of new items Mad Tee Party, Whimsicute, Dolly Kaye, Rainbowholic, and Candy Kawaii Lover! Kaye's dress almost sold out just during the first 2 hours of opening earlier!

My favorites!! Mad Tee Party's Super Gay shirt, and the B Side Label stickers!

Kaila and Ashley brought a lot of items from Japan! WEGO items, Larme Magazines, Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise and more!

Of course I took selcas with my favorite Totoro! hihihi!

Day 1 team! we had so much fun taking selcas and OOTD shots lolol with Ashley, Wynona, Kaye, and Chichi!

And of course everyone else's OOTD shots I took! everyone always looks kawaii and fun! I 'm trying out an otona-kei look (inspired by ashley lolol)

Overall today was a success! thanks again to everyone who dropped by to shop and support all these brands!

See you again tomorrow!