Mermaid Love (WEGO)

by - 6/05/2016

As some of you may have seen in my previous post during the Kawaii PH garage sale, I got a few items from Candy kawaii lover shop (thanks ate ashley!) and most of those were from one of my favorite brands from Japan, WEGO! I love how the theme is somehow mermaid related and kind of has a Larme feel to its merchandise. So I was looking through my Larme magazine and it really matches the new shell/mermaid items I bought!

First off, I'll introduce these super adorable shell/mermaid themed earrings! these are actually clip ons which are perfect for me! since my ears get irritated whenever I use earrings that are not of good quality (I still buy the cheap ones tho since those are usually the cute ones lol) it's a cute pastel pink color and it fits perfectly on my ears.

These cute mermaid shell clips are one of a kind! I love the pastelly purple-blue color and it kind of seems like its translucent as well! the small pearl in the middle makes a really good touch and the clip/body itself is a gold-ish color instead of the usual silver clips which adds another nice touch!

And of course the bag itself is a winner for me lol the large shell with the word mermaid written is a really good touch to this canvas beach bag which I know is out of season, but still cute!

Overall I really love these items I got from Candy kawaii lover and these are official WEGO items btw! if you want to get your own official items from authentic japanese brands or other kawaii items, please do visit Candy Kawaii lovers instagram : @shopcandykawaiilover and storenvy @ for other links as well!

you can also get your own Larme Magazines from there as well!

Thanks for reading again today!

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