A brother's Wedding

by - 6/20/2016

Last June, 10 2016 Mike's (my boyfriend lol) younger brother just got married! it was a simple beautiful civil wedding, and it was super fun! I spent the night with his side of the family (we get along pretty well lol) and we had a lot of photo shoot sessions lol I'll just upload some of my favorite shots including the first one! Mike and I with the bride and groom!

Now here's a more formal shot of the 4 of us, it was touching to see the two all happy and looked like they were really excited to see what's ahead for them! I wore shorts since I have short legs lol to make myself look a little taller, I made sure though that I wore dressy shorts and a semi-formal top to make it look more classy haha!

Some of my favorite shots with Mike's cousins! (he has a lot of girl cousins! like a loooot!) and they're all so much younger than I am, it's like having a lot of little sisters which I'm happy about since I'm the only girl in our family and I have younger brothers and an older brother haha! spending time with Mike's family is like spending time with a new family!

Of course since they did have a professional photographer for the event, photo shoots were a must!
so the girls and the bride kind of did like a bridal shoot lol

I'm the oldest though lol of course the bride's the one at the middle haha and all the other girls were mike's cousins, this is not all of them! haha! I have a lot of younger sisters now lol
After this fun shoot, the girls, bride and groom, and the photographer urged mike and I to have our own photos taken as well! I was super shy since I dont look good in pictures lol

Nevertheless.. we did it too lol

oh my gosh, we're both so awkward and fat lol we're not used to someone else taking our picture, plus this was towards the end of the wedding, so we were sweaty and tired haha!
the girls were all screaming in the background saying we're next to get married, since Mike is the older brother... but I want our wedding to be extravagant so we're saving up for it! besides saving for the future and stuff lol

We look so much better in selfies haha!

This night was fun and memorable and again, Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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