March Japan Candy Box Review + Giveaway

by - 5/14/2016

What's in my magic pouch? it's a sea of Japanese snacks! Japan Candy Box has sent me yet another one of their amazing Japanese snack boxes for review! If there's a review, there is of course, a giveaway!(will update this post once I have the rafflecropter ready~)

I had a photo shoot session with these amazing babies~ lol

Let's get into the items inside! (The pouch is not included by the way lol it's a gift for me from my senpai Kaila~)

This box is kind of "soda" themed since I actually got a lot of Cola flavored candies~ but of course there were chocolates and a DIY candy kit as well!

Meiji Mushroom Milk Chocolate, and the super adorable Sanrio X Peko-chan Strawberry Milk Chocolate! I love these so much!

This is also one of the best apple tasting gummies I've ever tasted~

Pizza flavored biscuits? why the heck not?

The gummy DIY kit that I have yet to try!

These bland but interesting veggie flavored chips that are somehow similar to prawn crackers are kind of addicting~

And here are my Cola flavored candies! They're all actually super good! I love chewy cola candies, and there are mixed flavors as well! Like Grape Soda, Cola and Lime flavor~ everything is pretty much amazing and interesting in this candy box!

Overall I super love this box! and not just this, they have so many random candies that you'd want to try, and the good thing is, it's a surprise when it arrives in your doorstep! One thing to look forward to when you purchase or subscribe to your own candy box!

But! since this is a sponsored box, the amazing owners of Japan Candy Box is letting me host a giveaway where the winner can also get a chance to win her own candy box! (This is an International Giveaway!)

So please be sure to check out their site! (everything will be linked/included in the Rafflecropter box)

Thank you for visiting and hope you participate in this giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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