March Japan Candy Box Review + Giveaway

5/14/2016 Micaela 0 Comments

What's in my magic pouch? it's a sea of Japanese snacks! Japan Candy Box has sent me yet another one of their amazing Japanese snack boxes for review! If there's a review, there is of course, a giveaway!(will update this post once I have the rafflecropter ready~)

I had a photo shoot session with these amazing babies~ lol

Let's get into the items inside! (The pouch is not included by the way lol it's a gift for me from my senpai Kaila~)

This box is kind of "soda" themed since I actually got a lot of Cola flavored candies~ but of course there were chocolates and a DIY candy kit as well!

Meiji Mushroom Milk Chocolate, and the super adorable Sanrio X Peko-chan Strawberry Milk Chocolate! I love these so much!

This is also one of the best apple tasting gummies I've ever tasted~

Pizza flavored biscuits? why the heck not?

The gummy DIY kit that I have yet to try!

These bland but interesting veggie flavored chips that are somehow similar to prawn crackers are kind of addicting~

And here are my Cola flavored candies! They're all actually super good! I love chewy cola candies, and there are mixed flavors as well! Like Grape Soda, Cola and Lime flavor~ everything is pretty much amazing and interesting in this candy box!

Overall I super love this box! and not just this, they have so many random candies that you'd want to try, and the good thing is, it's a surprise when it arrives in your doorstep! One thing to look forward to when you purchase or subscribe to your own candy box!

But! since this is a sponsored box, the amazing owners of Japan Candy Box is letting me host a giveaway where the winner can also get a chance to win her own candy box! (This is an International Giveaway!)

So please be sure to check out their site! (everything will be linked/included in the Rafflecropter box)

Thank you for visiting and hope you participate in this giveaway!


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Photo Diary: Kawaii Market 2016

5/05/2016 Micaela 0 Comments

It's been a long time since I last posted something, so sorry for the inactivity, but yes I'm back with a lot of planned posts and giveaway soon! For this post, this will purely just be a photo diary of the artists who participated Kawaii PH's first event of the year, Kawaii Market 2016!

I will be spamming you guys with a lot of creativity in this post, and will be creating a separate post for my Kawaii Market experience~ but on behalf of the team, I would also like to thank everyone who went and supported Kawaii Market! it was a huge success! Thank you to the artists who also wanted to share their talents through this mini event of ours~

Enjoy these amazing work by our local artists and crafters!

Doesn't the place look wonderful! We worked hard to make it as kawaii and as festive as possible! Hope you enjoyed the photos and it made you feel like you were there as well~ will be making another blog post about the specifics of the event soon!