Ozine 2016

by - 4/17/2016

Ozine 2016 was super fun! I didn't have time to take a lot of pictures because I was too busy shopping and spending my money on anime stuff ( ; _ ;) lol~ but! I was able to take a few shots with some awesome and cool cosplayers!

I love Magic Knight Rayearth! When I saw them I had to take a picture! lol of course taking a picture with the lovely Kotori is a must and kotori is my favorite Love Live character! AND! I love the couple (?) who dressed as students who participated in BATTLE ROYAL! I mean they even had the map with them! lol~ and of course le BF with Deadpool~

of course selcas with le bf is a must! I went with him and his not so little sister Elaine, it was her first time attending an Anime convetion!

And of course my haul! I finally got a Kotori university jacket! got it for 1500 php~ also purchased a Kotori mousepad with her oppai sticking out lol it's my stress ball lol~ of course my SWIM BOYS lol got a set of FREE! posters~ a super kawaii Cardcaptor sakura bookmars, Fire emblem Takumi Pin, Touken Ranbu candy can, and a Sailor Moon miniature series~I got the super huge love live bag when I purchased more than 1000php worth from a shop~

Overall, I super love the stuff I got and had a great time with le bf and elaine~ thanks for coming with me! ( although they also love anime lol) next time I will purchase more for my collection and take more pictures!

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