Artsy Cafe: Review

by - 3/12/2016

After my driving my lessons with my dad and boyfriend, we picked up my mom and decided to eat out for saturday night~ My mom and dad recommended trying the "Artsy Cafe" in Maginhawa and they told us how great the food was here! So I decided to give it a go and we had a family dinner lol~

The exterior is amazing! Even the tables outside of the cafe itself looks amazing!

The place was also jam packed so it's kinda hard to take pictures, but I did anyway~ I tried a lot of cafes in Maginhawa already, but I'm glad I decided to give this place a go as well!

The interior is has this "homey" feeling which is relaxing even the the place was full~

The sofa side had this fake grass going on on the side~ lol super cute!
The lights and the walls were amazing!

You can tell by the angle of the wall that we were sitting wall side lol

They had this cute description on a blackboard type wall by the counter! The waiters were also very friendly and attentive, so it made it extra relaxing since the waiters/waitresses were also very nice.

The house waters were contained in these lovely mason jar mugs! Their placemat had their logo all over it, "PLEASE REMEMBER US" lol you definitely will remember them when you try their food!

My mother ordered the Carbonara, and Mike and my dad ordered the T-bone steak, so I just took one picture lol, Mike got it with rice and my dad got it with  Mashed potato~ and for my order...

I got French Fries, Breakfast Tapa, and iced tea! (I was hungry lol)~ I love having Breakfast for Dinner so I decided to order Beef tapa which was super amazing! the fries were covered in Parmesian cheese and had this sweet dip, ad the iced tea tasted like lemon candy!

The food overall was great! the price is super affordable, all these just cost around 900+ php (and we ordered 2 steaks so its still pretty affordable)

I would recommend this cafe to everyone and I'm definitely going to return again!

Thank you for reading and hope you check this cafe out! 

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