Valentines Date! ♡ ~('▽^人)

by - 2/14/2016

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ did you all celebrate?? hoping that everyone had a good time! I know I did!~ hihi! My boyfriend and I celebrated valentines day and it made me so happy! last year we had work during the 14th so we weren't able to properly celebrate!~ but this year we made sure we would do something together!  So! we had a lunch date, and pretty much just strolled around like usual! lol~

First thing's first, we had lunch of course! And since it's hearts day, all the resto's were pretty much full lol~ so we settled for ihop which of course ain't bad at all since I love pancakes!! I was actually craving for pasta as well, so I couldn't choose which one to get, and mike said that I should get both! lol! 

And so I did... lol~ He also ordered a pretty big meal himself!

And he also got dessert! We pretty much ate.. a LOT! lol We actually spent around 2 hours in ihop trying to finish everything~ but in the end, I took home half of the Strawberry Banana Pancakes, and we forced ourselves to finish the Banana Split~ lol

btw I ordered the Mac n Cheese and he got the Salisbury Burger steak I think~ lol

While we were resting before making ourselves full again, we played for a bit! lol~ we play Final Fantasy explorer together! So we also had a date online! (of course, selcas are a given lol)

And of course his Valentines day gifts/presents!!! He got me a lot since I said I didn't want flowers since I have no future use for them... so he got me Water Brushes and water colors! as well as other stuff too~ omg I'm just literally super happy!

Thank you so much for these presents baby boy!! Thank you for the lunch treat as well! I love you! 

(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡

Hope you all enjoyed hearts day today! 

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