New Car!

by - 2/27/2016

So what's new with me... I have a car now! The reason why I was super busy these past couple of days was because I was fixing my application and car requirements so I could get it before February ends! And yay!!~ My boyfriend Mike will be helping me with some of the payments so I'm super happy and thankful!!

Meet Mikmik (or Mik)!~ It's supposed to be a combination of Mike and my name (Mikaela/Micaela) and the Filipino powder snack MikMik is one of our favorites as well! haha! I had our agent take this picture of me the day we were gonna pick up the car which was last friday~

My dad came with us since I still need to practice/study driving a Manual transmission~ (yes this is a manual car)~ I bought the Manual one because for me its safer to drive since I'd need to do everything from switching gears so at least I'm in control of it~

My dad photobombing behind~ lol! Anyway, I'm really taking my New Year's Resolution seriously this year~ first dyed my hair silver/purple, (now its kotori brown/pink lol) and now the car! please please please be good 2016!~ will also do my best!

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