by - 2/13/2016

Went out today to buy some bread, and discovered this little Japanese bakery, Kumori! This place has the ambiance, the feels, and the aura of a japanese bakery and it kinda felt like I was actually out of the country!

Everything looks so refined~ there's so many choices to choose from and they all look good! the price ranges from 45-100 php depending on the style or type of bread~ was actually hoping for melon pan but there weren't any ;A; they still have a lot of stuff to choose from so its okay!

The place is also super neat and clean! They also provide clean trays and tongs upon entering so you can choose from their selection before proceeding to the counter!

But I actually just bought something from their cold case area~

Bought these Hanjuku Cheese Chocolate slices! (box of 5 is 240 PHP) and also bought a jar of their Chocolate pudding! both are nicely wrapped!

Overall I really loved this little shop and I'm planning on returning again!

This branch is at SM the Block in Quezon City!~

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