New Car!

2/27/2016 Micaela 0 Comments

So what's new with me... I have a car now! The reason why I was super busy these past couple of days was because I was fixing my application and car requirements so I could get it before February ends! And yay!!~ My boyfriend Mike will be helping me with some of the payments so I'm super happy and thankful!!

Meet Mikmik (or Mik)!~ It's supposed to be a combination of Mike and my name (Mikaela/Micaela) and the Filipino powder snack MikMik is one of our favorites as well! haha! I had our agent take this picture of me the day we were gonna pick up the car which was last friday~

My dad came with us since I still need to practice/study driving a Manual transmission~ (yes this is a manual car)~ I bought the Manual one because for me its safer to drive since I'd need to do everything from switching gears so at least I'm in control of it~

My dad photobombing behind~ lol! Anyway, I'm really taking my New Year's Resolution seriously this year~ first dyed my hair silver/purple, (now its kotori brown/pink lol) and now the car! please please please be good 2016!~ will also do my best!


Valentines Date! ♡ ~('▽^人)

2/14/2016 Micaela 2 Comments

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ did you all celebrate?? hoping that everyone had a good time! I know I did!~ hihi! My boyfriend and I celebrated valentines day and it made me so happy! last year we had work during the 14th so we weren't able to properly celebrate!~ but this year we made sure we would do something together!  So! we had a lunch date, and pretty much just strolled around like usual! lol~

First thing's first, we had lunch of course! And since it's hearts day, all the resto's were pretty much full lol~ so we settled for ihop which of course ain't bad at all since I love pancakes!! I was actually craving for pasta as well, so I couldn't choose which one to get, and mike said that I should get both! lol! 

And so I did... lol~ He also ordered a pretty big meal himself!

And he also got dessert! We pretty much ate.. a LOT! lol We actually spent around 2 hours in ihop trying to finish everything~ but in the end, I took home half of the Strawberry Banana Pancakes, and we forced ourselves to finish the Banana Split~ lol

btw I ordered the Mac n Cheese and he got the Salisbury Burger steak I think~ lol

While we were resting before making ourselves full again, we played for a bit! lol~ we play Final Fantasy explorer together! So we also had a date online! (of course, selcas are a given lol)

And of course his Valentines day gifts/presents!!! He got me a lot since I said I didn't want flowers since I have no future use for them... so he got me Water Brushes and water colors! as well as other stuff too~ omg I'm just literally super happy!

Thank you so much for these presents baby boy!! Thank you for the lunch treat as well! I love you! 

(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡

Hope you all enjoyed hearts day today! 



2/13/2016 Micaela 0 Comments

Went out today to buy some bread, and discovered this little Japanese bakery, Kumori! This place has the ambiance, the feels, and the aura of a japanese bakery and it kinda felt like I was actually out of the country!

Everything looks so refined~ there's so many choices to choose from and they all look good! the price ranges from 45-100 php depending on the style or type of bread~ was actually hoping for melon pan but there weren't any ;A; they still have a lot of stuff to choose from so its okay!

The place is also super neat and clean! They also provide clean trays and tongs upon entering so you can choose from their selection before proceeding to the counter!

But I actually just bought something from their cold case area~

Bought these Hanjuku Cheese Chocolate slices! (box of 5 is 240 PHP) and also bought a jar of their Chocolate pudding! both are nicely wrapped!

Overall I really loved this little shop and I'm planning on returning again!

This branch is at SM the Block in Quezon City!~


スクールバッグ紹介 / What's in my Japanese School Bag?

2/11/2016 Micaela 1 Comments

Upload this video about a month ago or so, and this is the first time I'm speaking in Japanese the entire time. lol~ I'm actually pretty used to speaking japanese, but it's been a while since I spoke the language, since I have no one to talk to anymore (in Japanese lol) so decided to practice again since I'm beginning to be a little rusty~

I didn't really translate the video word per word, but mostly the gist of what I'm saying lol~


Sailor Moon x Larme Photo shoot: Photo Diary (HD)

2/05/2016 Micaela 2 Comments

The high resolution pictures of our Sailor Moon X Larme photo shoot last saturday is out! I downloaded just my file and some of the group photos for now since the files are actually pretty big~ lol! If you want to see ALL the photos from the shoot here's the link to view the full photo book!
Link: SOON This post is more of a photo diary since there are so many pictures!

This shoot was super fun and we're already planning on our next photo shoot session! please do look forward to it! Enjoy my awkward-trying to be cute-poses and the rest of the photos!
(photography by Armaine Yapyuco)