WHIPPLE Decoden Project

by - 1/16/2016

Ever since about 2 years ago, I've always wanted to try my own decoden project, I've been attracted to anything decoden related for quite some time now but never actually got the chance to make one, so! With that being said, one of my new year's resolution, is to try everything I wanted to try out the past couple of years but never got to doing so! And my bby and I went today and we got this simple Macaron Whipple Kit~

Got this at Toys R Us for about 650 php!~ Was super happy since they had the edition I wanted, I also wanted to buy just the Decoden Cream Whipple, but they didn't have the white version (I really wanted white deco cream), So I decided to just buy this first, since I still needed to practice anyway~

Inside the box you get of course your whipple cream, 4 macaron pieces, 4 keychain straps, and other embellishments that you can add on to your macaron keychains later on!

You also get a postcard as a guide for piping techniques~

Make sure you massage the cream so that you can make sure that it's gonna be liquidy but at the same time kind of solid so it won't be hard to pipe out!

When you open the cap of the bag, there's still a rubber stopper on the bag itself, so you remove it and replace it with the star tip that has a cover as well!

Cover it again if you're not going to use it yet to avoid it becoming dry~

Layout your macaron and start piping! (Make sure you practice first though! lol)

And Voila! my first macaron is finished!

The pink one looked kind of thin, so I added more cream inside later on~ And I still had a ton of cream left over! So I decided to try decodening a phone case!

I used a regular plastic iPhone 6 case, I found 3 cabochons (which to be honest I don't remember where I got them from so decided to use them for practice lol) and the other embellishments left from the macaron project to add on the case!

So I already filed my case down and decided to go with a VERY UGLY piping technique lol

And this was the outcome! haha! I know it's super ugly, but I will make sure the next one I make will be a kawaii one lol

Overall I really enjoyed making these and I definitely recommend you to go get one!

Have fun decodening! 

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  1. WOOOWWWW. i wanna try that too! pano yan, do you just left that out in the air tas titigas na sya?