Silver Purple Ombre hair!

by - 1/17/2016

One thing I can slash off my new year resolution list is the hair color I've been planning to have since last year! I've been wanting a purple hair since 2015 but was to scared to have it ombre'd since I still wasn't that confident, BUT! I've decided to be more brave this year! So! instead of just purple ombre hair, I've decided to get my upper part of my hair... GRAY! So bleached my hair for the first time today~

And saw my hair blonde for the first time as well! I look so different with blonde hair! And voila!

They even braided it for me for no reason! Super happy with this! Hello 2016! loving my new look!

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  1. What salon? I'm too scared to bleach my hair because some says it will dry and damage your hair. How about yours?

    1. it actually depends on how you treat your hair :) the stylists told me that I had strong hair since they didn't break, and was actually soft even after the process, I'm pretty much vain when it comes to my hair so I make sure to take good care of it :)

      It depends on the strand's thickness as well I guess, but after the process, make sure to put hair treatment like Argan Oil and shampoo it every other day, but condition it every day :)