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by - 1/31/2016

 I've been wanting to do this for a while now but never actually got to finishing my draft for this post~ So here it is! my review for Milk Club Shop of Naomi! First thing's first, Naomi is actually a friend of mine, because she is also a fellow Kawaii PH Blogger~ I've always wanted to buy from her shop as well but never tried, and then finally! I purchased a couple of things from her!

She recently opened a new blog for 2016 so please do check it out!~

 Naomi's Blog

First off, I tried to buy a small item that I will be using for the Kawaii PH Winter Wonderland party~ I got the feeling that she may have like wintery accessories and wanted to look for something that's on hand already~

So I bought the kawaii Pom Pom ties for 10$! (her store is US$ based but you can just convert it) and I wore it at the Kawaii PH Winter Wonderland Party!

The next item I bought was a little heavier than the Pom Pom Ties~ I wanted this item as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend (yes we choose what we want as gifts lol)

This adorable Darling backpack from Tokyo! This was around 47$ but this I had to buy since it was super adorable! Aside from the bag, I also got the 100% Boys Tears iPhone 6 case!

She's also selling some of her old iPhone 5 cases for super cheap prices so please do check that out on her shop!

The most recent thing I bough from her was actually a theme commission.. that's right! the theme I'm using right now is something I commissioned from her~

She was very accommodating, and was able to follow instructions so accurately! I gave her the details of how I want the theme, and she made it even better than what I have imagined~ the commissions for themes range from 20-30$ depending on the detail and the platform~ since this was her first time making a blogger theme, this was for 30$ but it's super worth it!

Overall, all my transactions with her were super smooth!! and you get quality items!

Oh! She's also hosting a special giveaway right now!

You might get the chance to win fabulous prizes! Visit her blog to know more!

Anyway, Naomi is one of my favorite people! I have so much fun chatting with her and hopefully we get to meet more this year!

(images of the items came from her storenvy)

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