How to save your Purikura in HD!

by - 1/03/2016

It's a new year already! 2015 has been a kawaii year, but here's to hoping for a more kawaii 2016! So for my first post in 2016, it's a tutorial on how to save your Purikura's on your phone (HD)! A few people have asked me on how I saved mine since the instructions provided on the Purikura Machine itself is kind of hard to follow, since they're in Japanese and the instructions are like crazy fast, I'll tell you how I got my HD picture!

Like this! I didn't have this scanned, I actually tried scanning the pictures, but they were really not that good in terms of quality~ so! First things first, where to get your Purikura of course!

(from Kawaii PH)

These Purikura Machines are currently available at Kidzoona in Fairview Terraces for 150 php! You get 2 strips for that price after you've taken and designed your photo! There are 4 Purikura machines in the mall and they're all beside each other so you get to choose which one you like!

Me and my boyfriend Mike tried the Me <3 Her Jyoshi! It's kind of overwhelming at first but it's pretty much simple to use! So once you're at the end part, the machine will ask you if you want to save to your phone, and will make you choose 2 photos that you want to save.  You'll get the strip and at the bottom notice an ID number

I covered mine lol! But don't worry! this doesnt mean that you can only save those 2 photos you chose! Technically, they'll be the "free" to save pics! First things first, download the application!

The App name is Puripix and you can DL this in apple store (not sure if they have this for android) it's a free application so no need to worry!

Once that's open, this would pop up! and you need to enter the ID number of the Purikira strip! once entered, it'd take you to a page where you can the chosen photo with a tag "free" on it, and your other photos with a padlock on it!

So go ahead and save the one with the free tag on it, and if you have a credit card or visa debit card, you can buy a ticket worth 0.99$ only and unlock ALL your other photos! which is actually what I did!

I love how it's HD! hihi~ I wasn;t able to unlock all my photos for the second strip (since I forgot to deposit money in my visa debit card) but I was able to save 2 photos! Since you do have 2 ID numbers in 1 strip! So be sure to download all your photos! 

Important note: The server will only keep your pictures for 1 week! 

So be sure to try to get all your Purikura photos! will be getting mine tomorrow as well! lol 

Anyway! so that's how you get your HD copies of your Purikura photos!

Hope this was a bit helpful for you guys!

Happy 2016!

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