Milk Club Shop Review

1/31/2016 Micaela 2 Comments

 I've been wanting to do this for a while now but never actually got to finishing my draft for this post~ So here it is! my review for Milk Club Shop of Naomi! First thing's first, Naomi is actually a friend of mine, because she is also a fellow Kawaii PH Blogger~ I've always wanted to buy from her shop as well but never tried, and then finally! I purchased a couple of things from her!

She recently opened a new blog for 2016 so please do check it out!~

 Naomi's Blog

First off, I tried to buy a small item that I will be using for the Kawaii PH Winter Wonderland party~ I got the feeling that she may have like wintery accessories and wanted to look for something that's on hand already~

So I bought the kawaii Pom Pom ties for 10$! (her store is US$ based but you can just convert it) and I wore it at the Kawaii PH Winter Wonderland Party!

The next item I bought was a little heavier than the Pom Pom Ties~ I wanted this item as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend (yes we choose what we want as gifts lol)

This adorable Darling backpack from Tokyo! This was around 47$ but this I had to buy since it was super adorable! Aside from the bag, I also got the 100% Boys Tears iPhone 6 case!

She's also selling some of her old iPhone 5 cases for super cheap prices so please do check that out on her shop!

The most recent thing I bough from her was actually a theme commission.. that's right! the theme I'm using right now is something I commissioned from her~

She was very accommodating, and was able to follow instructions so accurately! I gave her the details of how I want the theme, and she made it even better than what I have imagined~ the commissions for themes range from 20-30$ depending on the detail and the platform~ since this was her first time making a blogger theme, this was for 30$ but it's super worth it!

Overall, all my transactions with her were super smooth!! and you get quality items!

Oh! She's also hosting a special giveaway right now!

You might get the chance to win fabulous prizes! Visit her blog to know more!

Anyway, Naomi is one of my favorite people! I have so much fun chatting with her and hopefully we get to meet more this year!

(images of the items came from her storenvy)


Sailor Moon x Larme Photo shoot BTS: Photo Diary

1/30/2016 Micaela 0 Comments

Today, we had a photo session with Armaine as our photographer! We did a Sailor Moon x Larme inspired photo shoot! ahh the set was super adorable and cute! had trouble pumping the balloons! lol! these pics are just the BTS or behind the scenes of the shoot~ will make a blog post again once Armaine has uploaded the photos! This will just be a photo diary post~ enjoy our derpy, selfie, BTS pictures!

here's what the set looks like~ isn't it so larme-ish??~

 Just uploaded my Selcas for now~ will upload some of my selcas with the others~
Look forward to the HD photos of our shoot!


Kawaii Cafe Hunt Project with Ashley Dy: Cat Cafe Manila & The Breakfast Table

1/23/2016 Micaela 4 Comments

A few months back, Ashley and I have been planning on doing a Kawaii Cafe hunt in Manila and share it to the people who also want check these kawaii places out~ but it took us a while to get started since we were both super busy with work and other things, but today! we were able to get this project started! We originally planned on going to Cafferra in Maginhawa, but we arrived super early, and in the end, even after their open time has passed, no one is still in the cafe.. so we decided to transfer to a different cafe instead, we tried checking a lot of other cafe's but they were still closed, so we had lunch at "The Breakfast Table" which is also a super cute blue themed cafe!
(will be posting pictures soon)

We ate a lot since the food there was super good! But we decided to try to visit another cafe since we still wanted to take more pictures, so! we were lucky enough to be the first ones to go in the Cat Cafe Manila! The cafe prioritizes reservations rather than walk ins, we were just lucky since no one with the reservations had arrived yet and we were allowed to come in first!

Of course the interior itself is already amazing! Once you enter, there would be a shoe cabinet where you'd need to take off your shoes and grab a pair of house slippers (with your size of course) and at the top, you'll find a waver and a form where you'd need to sign after reading the rules~ Sanitizing is also important before entering the sliding door!

Once you've entered, you will proceed to the counter, pay the 200 PHP ticket/entrance fee and you can either shop first at their mini store, or proceed to the matting area where you can play with the cats! 100 php is for the cats and the other 100 is for your food and drinks (if ever your order exceeds the 100 php amount, then you'd just need to add cash and it would be fine). Ashley and I chose the best spot for pictures and lighting lol~

We were seated at the far end so we can take pictures with good lighting! As you can see! just a few minutes have passed and the place is already jam packed!

The ambiance of the place is also very relaxing and soothing! we were actually jealous of the cats since they seemed so relax and they were asleep! lol!

Since we were both still full because of our lunch, we decided to share our tickets so we can get 200 php worth of food! we got the Italian Soda Lavender flavor, and 3 assorted hot cookies!
The soda was great! and the cookies were all so good!

Candid shot of Ashley who wasn't aware that I was actually taking her photo lol!

There was a cat that jumped in our table in this photo and I was surprised and we both laughed as I accidentally pressed the shutter button lol (we were taking a selfie with the sleeping cat lol)

I forgot the cat's names since there were so many! but! I still took pictures of the place!

They also had books and board games which you can use/borrow while staying in the cafe~

Ashley clipped Burger clip on me and took photos! haha!

As we were leaving since my allergy was already so bad since I kept sneezing, this cat was still asleep on the side of the entrance and he was just super adorable! I mean look at his sleeping position! I could just take him homeeee!

Overall, I really liked the cafe, it was just too bad that most of the cats were asleep so we didn't get to play that much, if you're allergic or asthmatic, I suggest you wear a face mask to prevent the sneezing, and make sure to sanitize!

The cafe allows you to stay for 2 hours so make the most of it!
Visit their cafe in Maginhawa as well!

Look forward to our next Kawaii Cafe hunt!